By Cara Dudgeon

5th December 2018

Surely we don’t need to remind you just how dangerous drugs can be? We’re all told just how addictive they can become by our teachers, parents, mum’s best mate, Sandra down the road, Coach Carr on Mean Girls – even your mate occasionally gets on her high horse at times. However, some of us believe that we are invincible to this and try them nonetheless: just to see what they’re like, obvs.

For some, that ‘only once’ becomes ‘only twice’ and then ‘one more time’; before they know it, their ‘one time only’ turns into a full-blown addiction. But, is there is a way back?

The simple answer to this question: yes. And, without further ado, we are about to showcase some of the most insane before and afters of drug addicts – ultimately giving us all hope that those extra few pounds we’re going to pile on over Christmas can be easily reversed: after you’ve seen these transformations, that additional Christmas weight will be the least of your worries.

So, be prepare to say goodbye to the horror you are met with when seeing your hungover appearance first thing on a Saturday morning…these pictures are about to make you feel like Megan Fox.


This image is a classic example of the dangers and distress (at least to family and friends) that drugs can cause. This lady could have been taking anything – obviously having detrimental effects on her appearance.


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