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6th December 2018

Susanna Reid is celebrating 100 days of being sober, and insists social events without alcohol can be enjoyable.

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The 47-year-old TV presenter – who went teetotal in September in a bid to lose weight – has insisted her new alcohol-free lifestyle is fun, insisting social events can still be enjoyable without alcohol.

She tweeted today (05.12.18):

“100 days without a hangover!

“Believe me, you can still have fun without alcohol, despite what your co-workers might say.”

Susanna first embraced a healthier outlook after a doctor warned her that her BMI was too high, and she first admitted she was not drinking alcohol three months ago.

After the first two weeks of abstaining from drink, she revealed to her ‘Good Morning Britain’ co-host Piers Morgan that she had lost 14lbs from simply cutting out alcoholic beverages from her diet.

The former ‘Save Money: Good Food’ host has gushed about the benefits of ditching alcohol and is happy that she no longer has to deal with heavy hangovers.

She said:

“And as you get older it takes that little bit longer to get over a night out if you’ve had some drinks. I feel better.”

However, the brunette beauty admitted that cutting out booze from her “big nights out” has definitely been a change, admitting she used to love alcohol-fuelled nights of champagne or prosecco.

She added:

“There is definitely a bit of a loss, because in our culture big nights out are so centred around alcohol. And I used to love a big night out.

“Sparkling water. It’s not quite the same as champagne or prosecco, is it? Nobody says, ‘It’s sparkling water o’clock.’ “

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