By Cara Dudgeon

10th December 2018

“Christmas time, mistletoe and …”

It’s that time of the year when there’s a Christmas party every other day (doesn’t our bank account/liver/body fat know it) and the drink is flowing freely. Egg Nog, Baileys, Mulled Wine – it all seems to be alcoholic; but what about those people who don’t drink alcohol?

People who live their lives in sobriety are more common than you may think – allow us to showcase the truly terrific transformations that can occur when you give up the booze…

Who knows, maybe it may inspire you to inspect the soft drinks aisle a bit more in depth! (Yes we know – unlikely – worth a try, eh?).


This gentleman took this image outside of the hospital! He stated:

“Something Told Me I Didn’t Want To Forget That Moment”…

This is why:


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