By Ciara

20th December 2018

‘Dancing On Ice’ contestant Saira Khan revealed she has experienced her first ever panic attack during rehearsals for the BBC skating competition.

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The TV star has been training for a couple of months with pro skater Mark Hanretty ahead of the BBC series next month, and she got “so worked up” when they were tasked with showing what she’s learned in front of the other contestants.

She told her fellow ‘Loose Women’ panellists:

“For the first time in my life I experienced anxiety, and I had a mini panic attack.

“I didn’t realise what it was but I got myself so worked up, the fact that I had to demonstrate in front of other people what I was doing. And also, a lot of them are better than me.”

Saira, 48, has “never” experienced anxiety before, and she admitted she has been dismissive of people talking about it in the past.

She added:

“Never had in my life. I think in the past when people have said ‘I’m a bit anxious about something’ or ‘I don’t feel confident’, I would literally say ‘Get a grip, and get on with it.’ “

She was left “sweating” and “shaking” on the floor as he tried to calm down, before making herself push on and get back on the ice.

Saira – who also conceded she put herself in this position by sighing up for the figure skating competition – said:

“I just thought, I’ve just gotta do this.”

Meanwhile, the star – who was raised in a Muslim household – previously revealed she has warned her mother she’ll be embracing the sparkly and skintight costumes she’s given on the show and won’t be dressing as modestly as she would like.

She said:

“I was brought up in a Muslim household where I couldn’t wear what I wanted. I remember watching Jayne Torvill perform Bolero, whizzing round in that floaty dress and thinking, ‘I wish I could wear that.’

“But what I wear has always been an issue in my community – even now, when I’m nearly 50. My mum will still say, ‘Don’t embarrass me’ and I tell her, ‘Mum, I can’t go on the ice wearing a burqa.’

“Bless her. I really want my mum to see that just because I’m an Asian Muslim woman doesn’t mean I can’t do anything I want, given the opportunity.”

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