By Lucy Cooper

18th December 2018

Being born in to the monarchy sounds – at first thought – the ultimate dream. We’ve all wished it: especially when we’re crawling our way to pay day; enduring the agonising commute in the Baltic conditions; and eating beans on toast for tea.

You’d think being a Royal would get you everything and anything simply handed to you on a gold plated platter. Not to mention the whole other host of privileges that come hand in hand with being a Royal relative: from people having to courtesy in your presence, to being exempt from the income taxing. However, there’s also a flip side…

Growing up a Royal means you’re placed on the highest possible pedestal there is, but when you think about it, who really wants to be up there when all the fun is down here? There are more things you can’t do, than you actually can.

So, without further ado, enjoy this Royal Rulebook we have rounded up for your pleasure…

1. Thou shall sit when Grandma does

When your Highness takes a seat, so should the people in her presence- whether she’s your Grandmother or just the Queen to you. And, of course, there’s also a certain way to sit as well. It’s against the rules for ladies to cross their legs, instead their legs and knees should be kept together and only the ankles can be crossed. We wonder if Princess Charlotte misses out on story time on the carpet at school because she has to sit like a ‘proper’ lady?


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