By Ciara

20th December 2018

Piers Morgan ended up in hospital on Tuesday 18th December, where he was diagnosed with three illnesses: bronchitis, laryngitis and sinusitis.

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The 53 year-old TV presenter was in hospital on Tuesday where he was diagnosed with bronchitis, laryngitis and sinusitis, just hours after Doctor Hilary Jones told him he was “over the worst” of it on ‘Good Morning Britain’.

Speaking on ‘GMB’ on Wednesday, Piers – who co-hosts the show – said:

“Doctor Hilary yesterday diagnosed me and said, ‘Don’t worry you’re over the worst.’

“I ended up in hospital yesterday and got diagnosed with bronchitis, laryngitis and sinusitis.

“Thanks Hilary.”

On Tuesday’s show (18.12.18), Piers declared he was a “sweaty mess” and had chest pain and difficulties breathing – and he later discovered he had contracted two viruses.

He groaned:

“10 days into the cold I’ve come out with these terrible sweats all morning.

“Is it the expulsion of demons or could it be the beginning of the end?”

Bosses called Hilary to try to help assess Piers’ issues.

Hilary replied:

“It’s run its course, you’ve been suffering from an upper respiratory tract infection.

“By soldiering on it probably kept the virus going a little bit. You are over the worst of it though.

“It doesn’t normally last several weeks, but at this time of year it’s not unusual.”

But just hours later, Piers was forced to go to hospital, where he found out what was wrong with him.

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