By Eloise Heath

18th December 2018

There are lots of ways to get a little thrill in this world…

Eating those leftovers that are probably actually a day too old; tumble drying that jumper against the labels advice; using your housemates shampoo when you’ve run out and seeing if they notice.

Sometimes the most dangerous place to be is at the front of the queue for the bar (because if you go first with the rounds you are never, ever, going to get your money back), or in the kitchen when it’s time to do the washing up.

But if even that isn’t enough white knuckle action for you, the real adrenaline junkies out there, check out this bucket list of crazy dangerous places. From volcanos to deserts, a giant whirlpool to a place aptly named Snake Island, all these destinations are far from a walk in the park…

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1. The Darvaza gas crater- take this turning for the highway to hell…

Yep, just turn directly downwards towards the centre of the Earth when you see the fiery nightmare pit. (And then make a U-turn where possible, before your Sat NAV melts). The Darvaza gas crater can be found in Turkmenistan, and it’s known as the “Door to Hell”.


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