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3rd December 2018

We’ve all considered it as some point, haven’t we? Dropping everything and jetting off to the ‘island of loooove’: for a holiday of a lifetime, time off work and – of course – to find the love of our lives (if we’re lucky). And if that fails to occur, we will at least get a boohoo promo deal out of it, no?

When the show first kicked off, it really was just a golden opportunity to meet some new mates and have an extended, free holiday. A reality show which does have the underlying purpose of finding love – unlike Big Brother/I’m A Celeb/Strictly, where celebs are slated for finding themselves in romantic situations. But, nowadays Love Island has become so high profile that you’re bound to land home to a barrage of screaming fans, at least 34903 Instagram brand deals and a guy you can’t shake off.

Keeping your love-life behind closed doors? Yep, think again…

We’ve done some digging and rounded up some of the most iconic and memorable islanders and who they’re currently dating (trigger warning: most couples who met on the island are no longer, RIP Luis and Cally Jane </3).

So, sit back and enjoy reminiscing on some of the most iconic Love Islanders ever to grace our screens, whilst seeing whose baskets they’ve laid their eggs in (apologies)…

1. Charlie Brake and Ferne McCann

So it seems naughty boy Charlie’s expensive up-bringing (which included kicking back on a yacht in Monaco) didn’t do him any favours. He might have learned how to spend money, but he didn’t learn how to be a gentleman. After cheating on fellow islander, Ellie, he has been spotted leaving a party with ex TOWIE star Ferne Mcann. But, you know what they say: a leopard never changes its spots…

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2. Ellie Brown and Joey Essex

Ellie was quick to ditch Charlie after it emerged he had been unfaithful. And she’s now playing him at his own TOWIE game. She’s been quick to show Charlie what he’s missing, by posing up a storm with Essex lad Joey Essex, whilst celebrating fellow Islander Amber Davies’ birthday. It’s not official yet, but we reckon it won’t be long…


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