By Emma Moylan

6th December 2018

‘You don’t know what you’ve lost until it’s gone…’

Personally, as I am so damn fabulous, I never experienced this emotion before – but apparently, or so we’re told, it’s a real thing…

Sometimes celebs need a dramatic break-up before they realise they’ve found (lost) the love of their lives.

They’re buff, rich, gorge and every other divine word you can think of – but, believe it or not, they have as much relationship drama as the next person.

On again, off again, ending engagements and sometimes 2 divorces… You name the relationship nightmare and there’s one of your fave celebs that will have undoubtedly been through it (normally very publicly on Insta, VERY much so to our amusement).  

Luckily, despite the endless drama that celebs provide, there are those few success stories where some realise that they truly are destined for each other and find themselves in a sweet reconciliation…doesn’t it just make your heart melt (or vom).  

So let’s take a look at our love-struck, famous faces who broke up before deciding to rekindle their romance, as you judge whether them getting back together was a fairytale ending or a cataclysmic disaster waiting to happen…

Wills and Kate

You probably remember Will and Kate’s Royal wedding like it was yesterday… She floated down the aisle like an angel in her stunning white dress whilst we (unsuccessfully) fought back tears. Sob. But what you might not know is that their happy ending almost never came to be. WHAT?

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