By Eloise Heath

18th December 2018

Personally, I’m still at a level of technical proficiency with photography at which I’m very chuffed and smug if I manage to take a photo without accidentally covering the lens with my thumb, entirely obscuring the object of said photo.

I’m still happy if I manage to take a photo without putting my phone on the wrong setting and ending up with a three second clip of people awkwardly posing overlaid with my voice saying:

‘…Oh GOD I think I’m taking a video!’

Either you know this friend (the technical inept but snap happy Mum Friend), or- and I hate to break this to you- you probably are this friend.

If this is you, get ready to have your mind absolutely blown. These photos are the cream of the crop: past winners of the Siena International Photo Awards. The awards are an international renowned showcase of outstanding photography, receiving over 48,000 entires this year alone.

Disclaimer: no selfies have, as of yet, made the cut. There’s also a shocking lack of snapchat filters.


1.  This grim portrait titled ‘Facing Reality’

This was taken in the lagoon of Pleneau Island, part of the Antarctic Peninsula, and shows us that seals are unexpectedly terrifying. According tot he photographer, this moment of acceptance on the behalf of the penguin came after a protracted chase.


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