By Gabby

5th December 2018

When we delve into the depths of the old ‘world wide web‘ – scrolling shamelessly on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – we see that some of these nail artist have taken a ride on the wild side with some of the bizarre designs they think are acceptable.

Live ants, cheese and enough diamante gems to put Paris Hilton to shame… these nail disasters will leave your mind boggled and – quite frankly – put you off getting yours done ever again.

1. The ultimate 90s throwback!

We’ve all wasted plenty of our precious time playing this brain training game back in the day. Addictive? Definitely. But, not addictive enough to get your nails made into tiny, awkward little cubes. Surely these must break off at some point!

image source


2. Just to make sure they don’t chip…

Got enough layers there babe? Obviously this person couldn’t decide which color to go for, so decided to layer up with every shade going. Perhaps when her nails start to chip it’ll just reveal the next color underneath. Either way, think about the weight this must add to her fingers… muscles pending!

image source


3. These nails were sent from outer space

…And that’s where they need to go back to. Far, far, far away and out of everyone’s sight. Painful to look at, this person’s fingers look like they’ve dipped the tips into melted metal and called it a day. We hope it was the nail technicians first day on the job because these nails are nothing to put on your business Facebook page hun.


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