By Juliet Smith

18th December 2018

Have you ever seen something so amazing that you wished someone had taken a photo of it? No, don’t worry – we really do believe you that Zac Efron winked at you in that restaurant that one time… We promise.

And while so many of these incredible occurrences go uncaptured, every so often someone happens to be in the right place at the right time – bagging the pictures to prove it!

When it comes to snapping these rare moments, there’s nothing more incredible than capturing a complete coincidence on camera.

And here, we’re not just talking slight coincidences…

From the life-changing to the downright shocking, even though you might not believe in fate, we’re talking incredible, you’ll-never-believe-it coincidences that simply cannot be explained in any other way. From meeting your identical ‘twin’, to marrying your long lost friends, these aren’t your average coincidences.

So, sit back, grab yourself a cuppa and prepare to be amazed by these freaking coincidences that’ll leave you wondering: ‘what are the chances!?’

1. First couples photo … what are the odds?

‘My cousin was in his future wife’s family picture (the guy on the left), on a trip to Rio De Janeiro. Seven years before they met’. 

Every so often the cosmic universe aligns and something like this occurs. Either he’s a seriously successful stalker, the world’s most skilled photo-bomber or that’s an unexplainable, unbelievable coincidence.

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