By Angie

3rd December 2018

It’s been nearly 80 years since the fear of life was put in us by the flying monkeys. But, alongside being scared (admit it, you were terrified of the witch and her minions!) we also learnt a lot from this amazing film.

Giving away a medal for courage, a heart-shaped watch and a diploma seemed like a lot back then. But, this film wasn’t even popular back in the day! Can you believe it took until 1956 for a television channel to debut the film which resulted in it becoming the massive hit it is today?

There are many things that we didn’t know about what went on behind-the-scenes of this amazing film. So, take a look and prepare to be shocked when you hear some of the dark secrets that The Wizard of Oz is harbouring..

1. The Lion’s costume was extremely heavy

I mean – we all could have guessed that anyway. But, what you didn’t realise is that the suit weighed a massive 100 lbs.

He doesn’t look happy!

image source

Could you imagine trying to act in a movie while lugging around a 100 lb costume?