By Gabby

4th December 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…. right?

Wrong. It was – of course – way better when we were back at Primary School: not a single care in the world, singing your tone-deaf heart out to Away in a manger and spending weeks on end writing Christmas cards to every individual person in the school (including the b*tch of a dinner lady who used to stand you out, admittedly for purposely bumping heads with your mate to get into first aid – and out of the cold – at lunch time. Still a b*tch though).

Ah yes, we all welcome the flashbacks to the days of tinsel in your hair, no worries about buying gifts for every member of the family and truly believing the big man was actually real (he ate the cookies and drank the milk we left out on Christmas Eve, of course he was real…?).

Sadly, the magic of Christmas has been slowly but surely drowned by the mundane reality of adult life…work 9-5, bills to pay and a stupid amount of presents to buy (often for people you cannot stand – yes, I’m referring to you Aunt Babs). But, for a moment, we can re-live the easier days and ride the wave of nostalgia as the festive period falls upon us once again.

Think of this like the ultimate trip down memory lane (without the SATS and the detentions)…

1. Getting all your Christmas cards ready

The first one you wrote was always to the boy or the girl you fancied… and the never ending question burned your brain every year: do you brave it and put a kiss on the end of it or not? Risky talk.


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