By Olivia Morris

3rd December 2018

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match…

Secret kisses on the beach, stolen moments at award ceremonies, sordid affairs in expensive hotels… When celebrities get into relationships, it’s really quite difficult for them to keep it on the down-low (tabloids  – God bless them – have a way of finding out every minuscule, scandalous detail).

When it comes to the blossoming of new relationships, we always want to know everything – all the dirty deets – and this is no different when it comes to newly formed celeb couples…

It makes sense that a particularly famous celebrity would stick to dating other celebrities – after all, what are the chances of them finding someone who doesn’t fan girl over them and likely to take advantage of their fortune? Probably slim.

So how do they form these celeb on celeb romances – surely they don’t reach for tinder like us singletons…no – they rely on their fellow celeb friends to set them up with more celebs: talk about an exclusive, premium and down right elite inner circle.

1. Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra…

These two became famous (well, more famous) all over the world – both in Hollywood, and Bollywood –  on account their blooming romance. Priyanka first rose to fame when she worked alongside Dwayne Johnson on the 2017 blockbuster, Baywatch. Following the split of the Jonas Brothers, Jonas auditioned successfully for a role in Jumanji – another of Johnson’s famous film franchises.


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