By Eloise Heath

11th December 2018

There’s an Italian proverb that goes a little something like…

“If nothing is going well, call your grandmother.” 

And, fair play to Italy, that is how a great deal of people think of their grandparents. All the affection of a parent, but without the pressure and the over exposure that can make those relationships so trying (at times). For proof, see hard hitting documentary on family dynamics, ‘Gilmore Girls’.

For many they are a friendly port in a storm, and a comforting childhood presence.

Plus, they ply you with so much food. Just all the cookies, every time.

Whatever forges this special connection, it’s a connection many experience, and one that inspires some seriously touching photo projects. Strange as it is to image these wrinkly wonders as young things once upon a time, there’s some strange magic in recreating images of them when they just younguns- someone’s little grandchild themselves.

1. This was taken in 1918…

That updo tho- very Minerva McGonagall to the modern eye, but the height of fashion in 1918. This woman, who would go on to become a mother and a grandmother, must be in her early twenties. In 1918 Britain was still fighting world war one, and it was the year that around 8.4 million women gained the vote in the United Kingdom…


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