This Is What The Cast Of Camp Rock Looks Like Now – Daily Feed

By Tanny Hossain

9th October 2018

“We’re breaking free, we’re soaring, fly-“- wait, wrong song.

This isn’t High School Musical, my bad.

This is Disney’s other musical success story that’s kind of like the little sister of HSM – tries to be cool and edgy and doesn’t quite pull it off quite as well as the older sister in terms of popularity, but nevertheless manages to be cute…

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Camp Rock hit our screens in the summer of 2008, riding the highs of the hype of High School Musical, whose third instalment was being advertised and promoted around the same time.

For those of us who loved the Glee-like theatrics of HSM – but were also desperate to wear black skinny jeans, Hannah Montana-esque rockstar waistcoats and play electric guitar – Camp Rock was everything we ever wanted and more.

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We all thought we were Mitchie Torres at some point, as suburban as they came and desperate to make the most out of our summer holidays. That is, until we heard her sing in the film and realised we were nothing like her. Cue strangling cat jokes.

Oh, and also the part at the start of the film where we see Mitchie waking up to her own voice. She woke up to her own Garageband songs. We don’t do that. Or at least I hope you don’t…

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But 10 years gave all of us plenty of time to grow up, including the cast, so it’s only fitting that we see what they all look like now and what they’re up to…