By Cara Dudgeon

5th October 2018

Is there seriously anybody who hasn’t heard of Jamie Oliver? Some people may know him by the name, the naked chef. (I’m being deadly serious, honest!)

Unfortunately, for some people, he appears to have left his naked days firmly in the past and is now best known for his numerous cook books, TV shows, restaurants, and being the person who changed our beloved school dinners (RIP to those gorgeous turkey twizzlers).

Even though he seems to be inescapable, there are a few hidden facts about the man in question. Keep reading to find out the truth about the naked chef!

1) The term naked chef

Oliver’s original TV show and first ever cook book were titled: The Naked Chef. Oooer!

Nice jumper, not-naked chef

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However, he didn’t actually intend for it to mean naked as in wearing no clothes.

Instead, it’s meaning was to imply that his cooking style was easy, simple, and, straight-forward. (What were you thinking?!)

Was that your belly or mine?

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Somehow, I’m not 100% sure that’s quite how people actually took the term, sorry to say chef.

Oliver admitted himself that he was worried about the title, hoping that his mum didn’t think it meant he was becoming a “porn star”!

Not even naked on the cover, pff!

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His debut novel (pictured above), which was released in 1999, became a No. 1 bestseller in the UK.