Here Are The Real Life Partners Of The Strictly Come Dancing Stars 2018 – Daily Feed

By Lucy Cooper

1st October 2018

Saturday nights in are back – and better than ever- as this year’s instalment of everyone’s favourite show is back. It gives us glitz, glamour and a bunch of celebs parading themselves around a dance floor – on the back of intense professional training, of course.

Some get it, others just can’t take to it (our secret faves) and some end up in a relationship with it. Endless sessions getting up close and personal, sweating and synchronising with their partner – there’s bound to be at least one romance blossom per series.

We’ve seen the breakdown of a few relationships along the way, falling victim to the infamous ‘Strictly curse’. So here we have a round up of this year’s lineup and what we know about their other halves. We’re keeping our eyes on a few…

1. Susannah Constantine

First up, we have one half of the dynamic ‘fashion’ duo, who of course made her living off telling people what not to wear:  Susannah Constantine.

Fashion police…

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In hindsight, perhaps this pair didn’t have a leg to stand on when offering fashion advice to the masses!

We’re getting Austin Powers vibes from that get up Trinny! Were these outfits even okay back in the day?!

‘What not to wear’

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The pair made real names for themselves on the BBC fashion show: ‘What Not To Wear’.

This saw them bin half the wardrobes of women that came to them for style tips…nice one ladies.

The ladies in action!

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Looking back, we’re not sure the TV duo were in any position to be giving out fashion tips to the women of the UK…