By Georgia Keenan

5th September 2018

Just like uncooked cake batter (which you should totally not be eating by the way), The Great British Bake Off is something we just cannot seem to get enough of.

From the infamous tent where tensions run exceedingly high and  the hilarious presenters that always manage to say what we’re all thinking, to the mouth-watering delicious bakes that most of us could only dream of eating, let alone creating, this reality-baking competition is unlike any other and as a result it has had its claws into us from the get go.

Throughout the years us viewers have cheered on our favourite contestants from the comfort of our own sofas and watched as they have battled their way through complex challenges and signature bakes set to them by their unforgiving judges in order for them to be crowned ‘Baker Of The Year’. But its not just the contestants that owe an awful lot to the Great British Bake Off –which lets be honest, means more than the average cookery show- its us viewers at home too.

The Bake Off is undoubtedly the nations favourite baking programme and whats more, it has over the years become a huge part of British culture. The series has successfully converted even the laziest of cooks into budding bakers and opened up culinary doors for its contestants.

The Great British Bake Off  has recently hit our screens for its ninth season which may have you wondering how exactly we got here. It simply can’t be almost nine years already can it? Well it can, and it is! As a result of this shocking revelation we are winding back the clock and taking a look at some of the most memorable GBBO contestants in order to find out if taking part in the series opened more doors into the culinary world or poisoned them against food for the rest of their lives.

Sophie Faldo -Series 8, Winner

Sophie Faldo was our most recent winner but before she entered the tent she was a 33 year old Former army officer and trainee stuntwoman from West Molesey, Surrey.

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When it came to the finals she stole the show with her signature Spelt & Rye, Toasted Garlic & Fontina and Sweet Chocolate Breads and lets not forget her ‘Yin Yang’ Entremet showstopper!

Where Is She Now?

Since her big win last year, Sophie has thrown herself into baking and is now a full time baker.

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Her first baking book titled ‘Something Sweet’, is set to be released in the coming weeks and is available for pre-order online. Back in July, Sophie put her love of cycling to good use and took part in the 100-mile cycling event RideLondon and has also been busy raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital.