By Gabby

11th September 2018

On your marks, get set… BAKE!

Every single year we wait with bated breath for the next series of Great British Bake Off to get started.

Without sounding too ridiculous, this has to be the most British show out there. I mean: the bunting, the cakes and (up until recently – cue the sobs) the nation’s most treasured baker – Mary Berry.

The nation’s grandma sadly left the show, alongside her trusty side-kicks Mel and Sue. But that hasn’t stopped us obsessing over the contestants having multiple melt-downs each week as they get their baking caps on.

Now for bad news…these baking wizards do unfortunately have people at home, people at home who of course get to try their delicious treats on a daily basis (anyone got Selasi’s number?). So, who are the lucky other halves and – more importantly – is there anywhere we can sign up to have an avid baker spouse?! (I know what you are thinking: are the extra few pounds worth daily, freshly baked cakes? Stupid question. Of course they are).

1. Nadiya Hussain

Nadiya is one of the most famous contestants to have ever been on the show.

The wonderful lady during the final.

image source

When we weren’t laughing our heads of at her different facial expressions, we were pining for a taste of the amazing treats she was cooking up in the tent.

Literally, we can’t count the amount of hilarious memes that we have seen of Nadiya with her funny faces!

Look at her face here!

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From a young age, her life revolved around food (that sounds just like most of our lives now).

With her dad owning an Indian restaurant and being head chef, she was introduced into a world of food from a young age.

Her new recipe book is out.

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So, it is clear to see why cooking and baking is such a passion of hers!