By Brogan Morris

28th September 2018

At one time the largest fast food operation in the US, KFC has also been a pioneer in fast food the world over.

Making delicious fried chicken since 1952

The chicken chain was once so big that it predated any other American fast food restaurant in the UK.

The Colonel rocking his familiar look

The first KFC restaurant opened in the UK in 1965, before even McDonald’s had gained a foothold there.

The Colonel looks a little different these days

While it may not be the biggest fast food chain anymore, or even the biggest chicken chain (in 2012, KFC was overtaken by Chick-fil-A as the world’s premier chicken retailer), KFC is still an American institution with a storied history.

Even Donald Trump loves KFC

Here are 25 things you never knew about KFC.

25. The first KFC started as a gas station

KFC wasn’t always the giant, globe-spanning fast food chain we know it as today.

KFC started small

The very first KFC restaurant, in fact, didn’t even start out as a food outlet at all.

In 1929, Harland Sanders opened a gas station along Route 25 in Kentucky, with hot food also available for any drivers who wanted it.

Harland Sanders in middle-age

This food was of Sanders’ own making, with him having been a dab hand in the kitchen since he took on family cook duties as a younger man.

The food served at Sanders’ truck-stop was so good, Sanders soon closed the gas pumps altogether.

The original KFC

He then made his first business into a full-blown, full-time chicken restaurant.