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As media careers built on force of personality alone go, Rylan Clark-Neal’s has proven surprisingly durable. Going from part-time model to reality star to daytime TV host in no time at all – incredibly, he’s still not yet 30 – Rylan’s rise has been unstoppable.

Rylan hosting This Morning

From the moment audiences saw him unashamedly bawling with joy on Nicole Scherzinger’s couch on The X Factor in 2012, Rylan’s eventual emergence as one of Britain’s best-loved TV personalities seemed inevitable.

Rylan on The X Factor

Where once he was just another X Factor runner-up, today Rylan is an Xtra Factor host, sometime presenter on This Morning, regular host on Big Brother spin-off show Bit on the Side and all-round media personality virtuoso.

Rylan presenting Big Brother’s Bit On The Side

With Big Brother at an end and its sideshow host gearing up to move onto new things, here are ten things you never knew about Rylan Clark-Neal.

26. He got booted from regular Big Brother aged 18

In 2013, Rylan entered and ultimately won the Celebrity Big Brother house, but what most BB fans don’t know is that he had almost been a star of the regular edition of the show six years prior.

Rylan when he was younger

In 2007, when he was just 18, Rylan was due to enter the Big Brother house as a surprise housemate.

Before he got to meet the likes of Brian Belo and Charley Uchea, however, Rylan’s involvement leaked to the press, and his introduction to the house was cancelled last-minute.

Rylan was a natural ginger

This year, Brian Belo launched a tirade against Rylan and Emma Willis, suggesting that Rylan is more enthusiastic about furthering his celeb status that the future of the show.

Rylan hit back by saying that whilst he doesn’t have a problem with Brian doubting his presenting skills, no one should doubt his love for ‘Big Brother.’

Above are tweets that show Brian was once a fan of Rylan, and Rylan’s response to Brian’s tirade against him.