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There are a lot of things that we feel guilty about doing. Aren’t there? We can all agree that we won’t admit we do half of these things but every single Brit does them.

Here are 34 things we do that we are always guilty of doing.

1. NEVER bringing your bag for life when you go shopping

You never ever bring a bag when you go shopping with you. The new 5p shopping bag tax was put in place in order to stop us wasting a billion bags every time we shop. We decide that we are gonna splash the cash and buy a 10p bag for life to ensure that we are going to re-use our bags over and over again. But, the reality is that we never remember to bring them to the shops… so annoying.

2. Trying to hold the lift door open for someone but realising that you’re the one actually pressing the ‘close door’ button

Have you ever done this? There is actually nothing more embarrassing than this. You want to look like the self-less citizen that is willing to wait 30 seconds for someone to come and get into the lift. But, you realise that you are actually hitting the close door button when you are trying to press the open door button.

3. Coming back to the office after a holiday and ‘forgetting’ to buy treats for everyone there

Whilst you’re away it is always in the back of your mind that you need to bring some choccies back for everyone in the office. After all, you’ve been sunning it up in Malaga and they’ve been sat in a dull, grey office eating crap packed lunches. However, you always seem to forget and pretend to feel guilty when you get into the office.

Forgot Michelle Obama GIF by Obama

4. Promising someone you’d get the next round when you were actually planning on leaving after this one

Who is guilty of doing this? We can’t turn it down when someone offers to buy us a drink, can we? The other one that people do is the ‘you pay for the taxi and I’ll get you a drink in there’. How depressing is this… if someone says this to you then you are NOT getting the money you spent on the taxi back!

5. The stress of having to answer a phone call on a really quiet train carriage

We’ve all been there. We don’t want to be the only one making loads of noise on the train so we just watch it ring out. Definitely, the adult way to deal with things!!

6. Apologising to someone when they bumped into you

Why on earth do we apologise for stuff like this? It isn’t remotely our fault yet WE apologise!!!

sorry the simpsons GIF

7. Saying ‘You’re Welcome’ when you hold the door open for someone and they don’t thank you

This is our sarcastic way of telling people that they are RUDE and need to learn manners!

8. Using your headphones to your advantage and pretending that you can’t hear someone when they’re talking to you

Whether you’re on public transport or in the office, you use headphones as a ploy to not have to speak to anyone. The hilarious thing is that you haven’t actually had music on for AGES.

9. When you walk towards someone on the same side of the road and do that REALLY awkward side to side dance when you don’t know which way to go


Awkward Juicy J GIF by DRAM

10. Stressing TF out when you are at the check out in Aldi or Lidl and realising you shouldn’t have tried to bag everything at the checkout and taken it to the side in your trolly like a normal person

This probably irritates every single person behind you in the queue. Why do we think we are faster than the cashiers at Lidl and Aldi? We deffo aren’t.

11. Not remembering one of your best mates birthdays and hoping and praying that it doesn’t just randomly come up in convo

No matter how many times you check on Facebook, you can’t bear the fact that you can’t remember the exact date of your friends birthday. Not only is this stressful, but its extremely awkward when it DOES come up in conversation.

come on wtf GIF

12. Forgetting to reply to a message and simply pretending you never saw it

When you’re having an in-depth convo with someone – you know for a fact that their message is gonna be really long. If you cant be bothered replying you just pretend you haven’t seen it until the day after when you HAVE to reply.

13. Making someone an awful cup of tea or coffee just so they don’t ask you again

Who is guilty of this? We are all awful human beings for doing stuff like this. Aren’t we? We purposefully make it rubbish just so that they don’t ask us to do it again.

14. Pressing the button on the bus WAY to early and getting the bus driver to stop before you need to get off

How awkward is this? Then you have to play it off like it deffo wasn’t you and hope and pray that SOMEONE on the bus needs to get off at that stop. If not, you have one very irritated bus driver.

15. Walking past people who try and sell you stuff in the street like you’re on a mission

You don’t want them to think you’re being rude, so instead of being honest and telling them that you don’t want to be guilt tripped into signing up for donating to numerous charities, you act like you’re extremely busy. When in reality, you’re probably off to Pret for some overpriced food!

16. Removing your card TOO quickly from the machine

How distressing is it when you remove your card TOO quickly from the machine and have to restart to transaction ALL over again. Ugh!!

17. Having to ask 50 times for assistance at self-checkout

How irritating is it when you have to ask 60 bazillion times for help at the checkout desk? Annoying!!

18. Taking AGES to put your money back in your purse/wallet at the checkout and stressing out

You want to put your notes in the right section, your coins in the zip section, your card in the holder slots and your receipt in your bag. However, you only have about three seconds and you end up shoving everything into the same pocket and sorting it when you have a minute without pressure.

stressed melissa joan hart GIF

19. Clicking on a video on Facebook and it playing the sound out loud when you’re on public transport

Is there anything more embarrassing? You know what’s worse? When it is the videos with the porn sounds in the background that your annoying friends tag you in.

20. Shopping in Tesco and realising you don’t need a certain item, so just leaving it in a completely random aisle

You can’t be bothered trekking 6 aisles down to put it back. So, instead, you just leave it in the aisle you’re in and hope someone moves it or wants it!

21. When you’re collecting money in the office for a leaving present and you get as much change as possible to plonk in there so it sounds much more than it actually is

You don’t want to contribute towards Debbies leaving present because Debbie uses ALL your milk & tea bags. Instead of looking petty, you decide to get all the 20ps in your purse and put them in the pot.

22. Meeting someone for the first time and going in for the full-on hug when they only wanted to shake your hand

How awkward is this???

23. Saying goodbye to someone… then end up walking the SAME way

Literally, this is one of the worst things in the world. This makes me cringe so much whenever it happens.

this is awkward game of thrones GIF

24. Going into a shop on self-scan and not getting a bag, then having to REALLY prove that you haven’t just walked in and stolen things from there

When you have like two items you start to think that you don’t REALLY need to spend that extra 5p on a bag. So, you walk out with your products but realise you look like you’ve just stolen them. So you stick your receipt right on top of your items just to prove that you’ve bought them.

25. Pretending not to see a person older than you get on the bus who needs a seat and not letting them sit down

This is probably one of the worst things that we could ever do. Usually, first thing in the morning, the last thing we want to do is have to stand up on public transport.

26. Accidentally opening the toilet door when someone is sat on it

You wonder why on earth some people don’t use the locks on the toilet door. How embarrassing is it when you open the door on someone when they’re on the loo???

darren criss running GIF

27. Pooing at work and someone going in STRAIGHT after you

It is actually really dangerous to hold in a poo. So, when you decide to go for a number 2 at work and Carol decides to go in the toilet after you, you simply can’t bear it!!!

28. Walking one way, then realising you need to go the other way and pretending someones sent you a text so you don’t look weird

When we realise we’re going the wrong way, we know how strange it looks just randomly switching up directions on the street. So, instead, we stand for a second, look at our phones, do a little sigh and walk the other way!!

29. Not hearing someone after the THIRD time of asking ‘what’ and deciding you either need to respond with laughter or concern

It is extremely awkward when you laugh at something quite serious…

awkward the big lebowski GIF

30. Saying you LOVE your new hair when you get it cut when in reality you wanna just shave your hair off and never leave the house again

Who has done this? You pay so much money for a haircut that you are never happy with.

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