By Angie

21st August 2018

It is sometimes scary how doctors are capable of diagnosing problems in one part of the body by looking at something we would normally consider completely unrelated. The human eye is capable of showing signs for a number of dangerous problems the body can have and the body often sends out warning signs to let us know what’s going on.

Our eyes are extremely important, not only do they give us the ability of sight, but ophthalmologists (eye doctors) and opticians can actually look at our eyes as a source for telling us how the inner body is working.

Here is a list of eye-related ailments that can be linked to different medical issues the body has.

A sty on the eyelid can be very painful and extremely annoying. They form as a result of a block in the sebaceous gland. While most sty’s pass in a couple of days doing no harm, a stubborn or reoccurring sty can be the result of sebaceous carcinoma.

Sebaceous carcinoma is an uncommon and aggressive form of cancer. The malignant cutaneous tumours are typically only about 10mm in size and can be found anywhere over the body, however, 3 out of 4 cases are found on or around the eye. If you have a persistent sty it might be time to see your GP.

Loss of parts of your eyebrow hair is generally associated with the ageing process. However rapid eyebrow hair loss could indicate a few things. In most cases, it is just ageing but stress can also be a big cause of this too. Alopecia areata, an autoimmune condition that attacks the body’s hair follicles can also attack eyebrow hair too.

Eyebrow hair loss can also be due to a shortage of thyroid hormones, called hypothyroidism. The loss of hair can even be due to atopic dermatitis, which is a form of eczema. If you suffer a sharp loss of hair then its best to consult your GP on its potential causes.

Blurred vision is one of the most common signals your body can give you to let you know that something is up. It is the loss of sharpness in your eyesight, making objects appear fuzzy and out of focus. Blurred vision can be a result of concussion or old age however in the modern day era a lot of doctors are saying that it is a leading symptom of something else.

Digital eye strain is now being given as a diagnosis by doctors. This is a result of staring at digital screens for too long. The obvious cure for the condition is to put the technology down and to stop staring at the laptop, phone or tv.

Blind spots are the name given to that 50-60 minute period of time in which you can see zig-zags, stars, sparkles etc over your normal vision. This is then typically followed by a pulsing headache. There are two main causes of seeing stars in your vision. Firstly a blow to the head can cause them as it temporarily scatters the nerve signals in your brain.

The second cause can be a problem with your retina, and that can be triggered by something other than a blow to the head. Seeing stars can be a sign of these conditions:

  • low blood pressure
  • diabetic retinopathy
  • blood clots
  • viral infections of the eye
  • migraine headaches

If you regularly experience the sensation of seeing sparkles and stars then you should see your GP or optician.

Bulging eyes are something most people will have experienced. The sensation that your eyes are going to pop out your head. A gentle rub or blinking will subdue it quickly. Unfortunately, if you suffer from this happening to you regularly it could be a sign of something much worse.

This is generally a result of an overactive thyroid and can cause thyroid eye disease. Another symptom of the disease is a difficulty closing your eyes, which gives you that popping feeling. If you feel this could be you then see a doctor or optician immediately.

Whilst uncommon, yellow whites is a symptom where your eyes turn from white to a more yellow colour. It is most commonly associated with some liver and blood diseases like jaundice, hepatitis and cirrhosis. In more extreme cases it can be a sign of liver failure.

If this could be you seek medical attention immediately. If you let a problem like this persist then you could be in serious trouble quite quickly.

Impaired or cloudy vision, even vision loss is a huge sign there is something up internally. Cloudy vision, where objects are obscured and appear ‘milky’ is often a symptom of cataracts but could be a sign of more serious eye problems too.

A sudden change in permanent vision quality or even loss of sight is one of the first signs that you are having a stroke. While impaired vision can sometimes be temporary and a result of a blow to the head or other injuries, if there is no obvious cause it is important to seek medical attention immediately.

If you are diabetic and encounter cloudy vision then it is possible that you have diabetic retinopathy. It is caused by damage to blood vessels in the retina tissue and caused by the complications of diabetes. It is vital to follow a diabetic diet if you are diabetic, especially if you are suffering from blurry vision.

rey ring around the cornea of their eye which indicates high cholesterol and triglycerides, and an increased risk for heart attack and stroke. Doctors call this arcus senilis and would advise anyone under the age of 60 who notice this problem to go and get their blood levels checked.

If you have cloudy eye, then this usually means you have a cataract which is a clouding lens on the eye. This is another condition that mostly resides in older people. If you are a younger person that is suffering from cloud eyes then it might mean you have tumours or diabetes. Some side effects of certain medications can give you cloudy eye so it is worth checking the medication that you are using.

If you think you are suffering with any of the above then it is definitely worth going to your GP for a further check up. A lot of times we worry more about things after hearing about them online. But it is much better if we get something checked if we have any doubts. Our eyes are one of our most valuable organs and something that we definitely wouldn’t want to damage.

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