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What makes a rubbish town? First of all you have those run down towns, graffiti all over the walls, make you feel unsafe the minute you walk through them. Then you have those overpriced towns that drain your whole weeks wage in one night.  Although everyone has slightly different ideas on what truly makes a rubbish town, there are some aspects we just all have to agree on.

Members of iLiveHere have been collecting information and reviews about towns within England to give you the top 10 worst places to live. Thousands of people, for more than a decade, have voted for what they think the worst town to live in would be. Voters were either residents of or visitors to these towns and based their opinions on their own experiences.

See below the top ten towns they presented as ‘hell holes’ in England, and some comments from the voters of iLiveHere.

10. Blackpool

Credit: PA

Located in Lancashire in the North West, Blackpool is full of entertainment. Boasting fairground rides, plenty of bars, nightclubs and a large selection of B&B’s to take residence in.

Here is what one of the voters had to say about Blackpool;

“Go back a few streets from the prom and you will see the deprivation, the ghettos and the scummy pubs that make up the REAL Blackpool.”

9. Oldham

Credit: Supreme-B (Creative Commons)

Located in Greater Manchester, Oldham is home to prolific graffiti covered streets. The Office for National Statistics place Oldham as the most deprived town in England.

“It is common to see disobedient kids being quickly put into place by their mothers, who employ such tactics as threatening to knock out their kids.”