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Sir David Frederick Attenborough is a 92 year old English broadcaster and naturalist who is widely considered as one of Britain’s greatest ever living national treasures. Over his lengthy career he has played a fundamental role in raising awareness for the hugely negative impact that we as humans have had on the natural world and his education on such important matters has opened the eyes of many people and encouraged them to be more mindful of their effect on the environment. Though he appears on our screens regularly there is still so much that you may not know about him and for this reason we have put together a collection of 40 secret things you didn’t know about David Attenborough!

1. He Has 32 Degrees!

By January 2013, Sir David Attenborough had collected 32 honorary degrees from British universities which is more than anyone else ever has!

When questioned on this impressive feat he explained to The Telegraph that he stores them in a drawer and stated “It’s a compliment from the academic world. It’s a real compliment – it would be churlish not to accept one.”

2. He Has 35 Awards!

Over the years David Attenborough has been recognised many times for his excellent work and as a result he has received 35 awards!

As well as this he has also received my honours and his full title is Sir David Frederick Attenborough OM CH CVO CBE FRS FLS FZS FSA FRSGS.