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There are a lot of things us Brits do to confuse the rest of the world, like the fact we can drink tea in the hottest climates, or the fact we say sorry to people even when we don’t have to be sorry about anything, or just the fact we judge the price of a place on how much a pint of beer was.

Here are 10 things that will always confuse our neighbours over the pond:

1. The bathroom VS the toilet.

Ever been to America and asked someone where the toilet is? They look at you like you’ve got two heads or something. I mean, a lot of people do ask for ‘the bathroom’ when they’re in a public place and need to pee but while American would consider a bathroom any room that holds a toilet, Brits would take it literally and call a room with just a bath/shower, no toilet, a bathroom.

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Being a Brit myself, I’m going to say we’re not wrong on this one. Why not just ask for the toilet when you need the toilet? Or the loo, whichever you’d prefer. I dare you to ask an American for the loo next time you’re over there. I bet their reaction would be priceless.

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2. What on earth is a ‘Cheeky Nandos?’

Us Brits absolute LOVE Nandos, so much so it is practically a British delicacy.

For the Americans out there a Nandos is simply a portugese Peri Peri inspired meal, usually accompanied with Peri Peri chips, Spicy rice and Garlic Bread if you’re really pushing the boat out. A ‘Cheeky Nandos’ is simply a Nandos that you probably shouldn’t have…but you’re going to anyway because Nandos is life.

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