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Many of us can only dream of a life similar to that which many celebrities have. They’re living in a life of luxury and ease due to their wealth and power. However, no amount of money or fame can be enough to escape facing justice for something as serious as murder. The deaths caused by celebrities on this list include both tragic accidents and premeditated murders. Amazingly, only two of the celebs on this list are still in prison but that doesn’t negate the fact that they all have this dark past in common.

1. Michael Jace.

In May 2016, Michael Jace was convicted of second-degree murder for the fatal shooting of his wife, April Jace. Michael was best known for playing police officer Julian Lowe on the crime series The Shield.┬áThe murder occurred at Michael and April’s home in front of their two sons and he was sentenced to 40 years to life in prison.

2. Chris Benoit.

Wrestling star Chris Benoit reportedly strangled his wife, smothered his 7 year old son and placed the bibles at the sides before hanging himself from the pulley of a weights machine in June 2007.