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Weight loss is never an easy journey and very often, people go through hard times. They give in to temptation and experience a rollercoaster of emotions.

Lexi Reed from Indiana, USA, knows all too well how difficult the journey was to reach her target goal.

Lexi has become an inspiration to women around the world and you can follow her weight loss transformation on her Instagram account (@fatgirlfedup). Her bio on her account says she’s lost  “312lbs naturally by diet/exercise in 2 years!” which is equivalent to 21 stone to us Brits.

Her husband, Danny Reed, has also lost 95lbs as well and his journey can be seen on his Instagram (@discoveringdanny).

The two of them have encouraged each other throughout their weight loss journey and have both said they’re happier, healthier people.

According to her Instagram account, Lexi and Danny decided two years ago to: “…set a New Year’s Resolution that we had no idea would change our lives. Together we are proof that with hard work we can all take back our lives! Don’t wait for a new year, week, or month – start today!”

Lexi’s photos have inspired a lot of people and in some photo’s she even poses with her old clothes to show everyone just how much weight she’s managed to lose.

Lexi not only inspires people on Instagram but she also has her own YouTube channel called FatGirlFedUp which has over 30,000 subscribers.

 Lexi explains in one of her videos: “What started out as a resolution became a lifestyle,” 

In another of Lexi’s video, she says that “In one year I completely changed my life.”

Another amazing transformation story is Dean Smith, from Michigan, USA has lost a massive 11 stone after his wife left him for another man, without any warning.

The 29-year-old started losing the weight while he was still with his wife and has spent the last two years changing his lifestyle and eating habits to make sure he hits his goal weight.

Dean admitted he felt even more encouraged to achieve his aim of 220lbs (15 stone) after his wife left him and moved in with a man named Steve. He reached his target weight loss goal of 6 stone last month. When he hit the 22 stone mark, he decided to do something about it because not only did he think he needed to lose weight for his own health but he also thought his wife deserved to be with a man that took care of himself. However, when his wife walked out of him in July of last year, he was left feeling shocked and heartbroken.

He told UniLad: “I wanted her to point to me and tell others that she ‘getting’ with that. I truly wanted her to be proud to say she was my wife. That was my original motivation and that got me from 295lbs to 270 in the first six months of 2017.”

“For most of my puberty years I felt like I was fat, awkward and unattractive. Which is why when I started dating the girl who would end up being my wife I felt amazing. I felt compelled to dedicate my life to her.”

“I had always truly believed that we were going to be together forever. I truly thought we were going to die together.”

It was when his wife left him that he lost most of his weight.

“This blindsided me and for those months I shut down. I was only eating maybe one or two days a week.”

“I spent my days with the kids and being hyper focused on them. My thought process was I was less likely to be sad about myself if I only thought of my two kids.”

“I fell into a deep depression that was intermittently interrupted when I had to fake being the happiest dad in the world.”

“During those last six months of 2017 I went from around 270lbs to 230lbs. And it was largely thanks to the fact that I was an emotional wreck. That may not be the inspirational story everyone wants to here but it is how I lost most of my weight.”

He admitted that the massive weight loss was an attempt to win his wife back. He found himself exercising to fill the void while the kids were with her, however, his main motivation now is his kids, so he can keep up with them whilst being healthy.

He continued: “The biggest change to my diet I made was portions. I probably eat half of what I used to eat. I still eat some junk food and the occasional soda. I just eat less compared to how I ate before 2016.”

“As far as exercise goes I signed up for a gym membership in October of 2016 and I still go to the gym between two and four times a week.”

“When I do have my kids I make it a point that we do something physical – riding bikes, going to parks, hiking in the woods etc. I want to be seen as the dad and the man who wants an adventure and will bear the stress of my world with a smile.”

“Now when we go to the park I am the dad that is climbing on the playscape alongside my kids, running after them and having just as much energy as them. Which feels amazing.”

“I feel so empowered being the parent that can keep up with my kids.”

“I don’t want my kids to have memories of me feeling sorry for myself over the lost of my wife/their mother but as someone who always pushes forward, especially when it comes to the benefit of our family.”

Credit: UniLad.

Image credits: UniLad.

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