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Impulse is only a matter of human nature. We cant help it. We do it every day, while driving, talking or just ordering a coffee. Sometimes it works out for the better and sometimes for the worst. For some celebrities making these split second impulsive decisions cost them their carriers. For others, it made them famous in a good way. Some less fortunate souls never seemed to be able to climb back to the good graces of their directors. How sad. Some simply retired with what little dignity they had left. A lot of pressure for famous people no wonder they crack once in a while!

Unfortunately, their blunders have made sure that they never make a comeback ever again! This part is sad because many of these people worked very hard to achieve the level of success that they did and it’s a shame that the world has judged them based upon these random and outrageous acts. However, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles, I guess. Not everyone can bounce back from disaster and these people are proof that it has become increasingly difficult to stay on top of it all. Especially when they allow themselves to crumble in a public way.

The fact is, most everything that these people do are public and so, in order to be famous, you will have to learn how to keep yourself in check. Unfortunately, these people did not do such a thing and because of this, they have managed to single-handedly ruin their entire careers because of it. They are probably kicking themselves every day since but until they can figure out a way to change it all, they will be forever known as the ones who are no longer on top of the world. Instead, they are the ones who lost it all:

1. Randy Quaid

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Some items on his career were a bit of a miss (Pluto Nash), but others were pretty good (Independence Day) but my favorite is the character he played in the Vacation movie with Chevy Chase.  However, what seemed to end it for this guy was his lack of bill paying skills. He refused to pay a $10,000 hotel bill. Ouch! That didn’t go very well for him and his career took a downward spiral after that. He also made wild claims that people were “after him” and some say that he was revealing what others might call a “conspiracy” that was going around Hollywood. His claims were never realized.

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He also lived illegally in a house he didn’t own. He and his wife were subsequently arrested and were facing burglary charges after they were reported living there. The fact is, that very few people know what may have really been going on with this guy but it was clear that he was losing grasp on reality. Afterward, he seems to have simply disappeared from the industry and it’s unclear why he made it so that he will never be invited back. I mean, what other talents does this guy really have besides playing a bum of a guy in many of his roles?

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