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Firefighters put their lives on the line on a daily basis to save people.

Someone posted a video on Facebook of a heroic fireman called Tomass Jaunzem who saved a suicidal woman from falling to her death.

He arrived to the woman property after people rang the fire service to warn them she was sat on the window ledge. The footage shows Tomass leaning out of the window to grab hold of the woman before she did anything.

Thankfully, she was transferred straight over to the hands of medical staff who could look after her and get her the help she needs.

Writing about the call, the fire service wrote (translated): “During the weekend, the VUGD received a call to a multi-apartment building where there was a suspicion that a person was going to jump through the fourth floor window. When arriving at the scene, firefighters rescuers realised that if they were trying to get into the apartment, one would most likely jump over the window.”

“Thanks to the neighbours’ response, firefighter rescuers could enter the floor in the apartment below and prepare to grab this person in a fall. While one firefighter rescuer was waiting for a fall at the window, the other ensured that the interceptors could rescue the falling person firmly. Meanwhile, firefighters with mountaineering equipment tried to access people on the sill from the roof of the building, but the rescuers noticed that human hands had fallen and dropped. [sic]”

Tomass and his colleague have been praised for their quick thinking, if it wasn’t for them, the woman could have done something drastic.

One person commenting on the video said it’s amazing the woman had been given a ‘second chance at life’ (translated): “These moments actually inspire when you realise that there are people between us who you don’t care about and they’ll do everything to save someone because it’s their life mission.”

“Here you should not condemn the [person who wanted to end their life] because we do not know how we would act in their place with such a tragic life, every metal has its own melting temperature, but from the heart thank you, such people who give you another chance to change your life.”

Minister Oskars Abolins, responsible for the fire service, issued a powerful statement praising the firefighters.

He said: “Our work is a very important aspect of courage and self-respect, therefore, the actions of those rescuers of these firefighters and the ability to think beyond the usual frames are worthy of praise, as a result of which human life was saved.”

Latvia’s Minister of the Interior Rihards Kozlovskis praised the fearless fire brigade rescuers whose service he’s overseeing: “The work of the rescuers is very special – it requires courage, professionalism and the ability to act quickly and decisively in complicated and often non-standard situations. I am proud of these two rescuers of the HGH who saved human life.”

Scientists have recently said they think they’ve found the cause of depression.

In this research, the found a close correlation between depression in adults and traumatic childhoods. He found figures which revealed that if a young person or child had seven categories of trauma in their lives, they were a whopping 3100 % more likely to commit suicide in their adult lives. His research also found that these children were an added 4000 % more likely to became a serious drug abuser.

The study was called The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study and found make groundbreaking conclusions. In hopes of combating these shocking statistics, the research revealed that by just speaking about the traumatic experiences adults may have encountered, the numbers can be dramatically reduced.

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As a result of the findings, the police departments within schools in Washington, Massachusetts, and California introduced a scheme which aimed to combat the negative effects of trauma in children. In the program, children were taught how to deal with stress and new rules were implemented which saw children, who misbehaved because of anxiety and stress, taught techniques to help to manage their behaviour. This saw a reduction in the number of children being suspended because of their behaviour and instead they were taught to behave in a different manner.

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Journalist, Johann Hari said that:

‘Just being able to discuss the trauma led to a huge fall in future illnesses ― there was a 35-percent reduction in their need for medical care over the following year. For the people who were referred to more extensive help, there was a fall of more than 50 percent.’

Dr. Robert Anda concluded that:

‘It’s time to stop asking what’s wrong with them and time to start asking what happened to them.’

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