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For the fans of the popular US sitcom ‘Friends’ the show still remains a huge part of their lives despite having ended in 2004, over 14 years ago! True fans will say they have watched all ten seasons on repeat as well as still making sure to be present for the annual Friends Fest. It seems to be one of those blessed shows where it doesn’t matter how often you watch it, you just can’t get bored with the hilarious plot lines and emotional turns that the show takes. While many hoped for a reunion of the show some years after the final episode, it seems that fans will never see the return of their beloved show and while we can’t tell you what the characters are up to, we can show you what the cast are doing now. Below is our  list of 40+ unseen images of the Friends cast that you haven’t seen before!

1. Jennifer Anniston Steps Out In NY.

Rachel Green actress, Jennifer Anniston steps out in New York City.

The Friends star looks great in her workout gear!

2. Jennifer Anniston In NY.

Jennifer Anniston is snapped by the paparazzi when she steps out in khaki trousers in New York.

The star is looking great!