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I’m sure we’ve all seen our fair share of strange things in swimming pools but this woman took things a bit too far…

Footage has emerged of a woman in Florida casually shaving her legs in the public pool. She’s seen perched on the edge of the pool, legs in the water, sunglasses on with not a care in the world.

Kids are happily floating around the pool minding their own business whilst she’s just shaving her legs…like it’s something completely normal and she even dips her razor in and out of the water to clean it.

At first, people thought she was just scratching her legs but then we see her whack out this razor out of no where and she just starts shaving. I mean, surely that’s not safe? I know there’s chlorine in that water but c’monnnn.

The kids just continue to go about their business, oblivious to what the hell is actually going on.

It’s not known where the photo was taken but it was posted on Reddit by a user called Screwsausage and it went viral in less than 24 hours. You can hear two women discuss the spectacle, clearly shocked at what they’re seeing. However, no one appeared the prevent the woman from carrying on and she doesn’t even check if anyone is looking.

One commenter called Muh_feelz said: “I used to work at a public pool and for whatever reason they attract the worst of humanity.

“I would never swim in a public pool after that experience.”

Someone with similar experience of this type of thing said: “I used to life guard at a YMCA […] so figured I’d seen it all until this video.”

“If public pools have taught me anything, it’s that people are disgusting animals.”

Seasoned public pool staff claimed this wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. However, others were disgusted.

One said: “Imagine the inadvertent gulp of water that sometimes happens when you’re swimming.. with all the shaved hair in it. Grossssssssssss.”

While another said: “It’s amazing how little she cares about the people around her, but still feels the need to shave her legs.”

Another person commented: “How can some people have so little awareness/dignity?”

Another wrote: “Even worse, she nicks herself with the razor and now there’s blood in the pool and she’s bound to get an infection.”

While we’re on the subject of holidaymakers, there’s a weird new trend that’s dividing guests.

Holidays are a time to relax, chill out and not have a care in the world. However, some people tend to chill out a little too much.

A increasing amount of hotel guests are wearing their pyjamas down to breakfast, so instead of throwing on a pair of shorts, a baggy t-shirt and some flip flops, they’re literally rolling out of bed in their PJs and serving themselves brekkie.

But not everyone finds it acceptable and it’s caused outrage among other hotel guests who think it’s disgusting. In fact they found it so disgusting they decided to shame the guests by taking photos of them and sharing them of Mumsnet, Quora, Twitter and even Facebook.

Wearing your jammies down to breakfast has definitely divided holidaymakers and some are comparing it to putting makeup on on the tube while travelling.

William Hanson, the television etiquette expert who runs a podcast called Help I Sexted My Boss told Sun Online Travel: “Wearing pyjamas at breakfast is the height of sloppiness.”

He continued: “Whilst hotels encourage you to relax and be ‘at home’ there are limits and this usually relates to the private areas (your room/suite) and not the public or communal areas.

“Arriving improperly dressed shows a total lack of consideration and respect for the staff and other guests.

“It is very much one star behaviour.”

One traveller complained to hotel management after they spotted someone walking through the breakfast room in their PJs and nothing on their feet – EW, I can completely agree with that person. Who walks about in bare feet?!

A TripAdvisor user who went by the name 0144 said: “I’ve never seen anybody in PJs at any of the B&Bs I’ve stayed at and I don’t think it’s appropriate.

“It’s tacky, inappropriate and gauche.”

Others weren’t as phased by it all. One person said as long as the food an the customer service was good they wouldn’t be bothers and another person claimed that as long as nobody exposed themselves, it wasn’t a big deal.

A user called Ben P said: “This is not a big deal. Who cares what other people are doing.

“Was the room comfortable? Staff accommodating? Food good? Then I’d be happy…”

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