By Reiss Harrison

2nd May 2018

For some time now cigarette packets in the UK have had vile images put on them, this was to encourage people to cut down and pack the addiction in all together. Images include pictures of lungs that have been through years of smoking, images of people with cancer and pictures of children that end up poorly due to passive smoking. It is a step in the right direction to making people realise the harsh realilty of what they are doing to their bodies everytime they smoke.

But if you need another reminder of the damage you’re doing then let Amanda Eller show you.

The Nurse who is from Western California University has posted the shot, which compares two different lungs. One is a healthy set of lungs and the other is a set of lungs that have been hammered with a packet of cigs a day for 20 years.

Even before you click onto the video and watch it, the still images are already enough to put anyone off, never mind when you watch. puts it into perspective just what people are doing to themselves. It could only be compared to the difference like Spider-Man and Venom, if you know you know.

Not only do we get to see how two sets of lungs that have been treated very differently look and act when air is pumped into them, we get told how the cigarette abused lun has cancer and Chronis Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) as well as very little retentiveness to oxygen.

They use a piece of equipment to to show us just how the lungs would work if inside a living person, the effectiveness of them is obviously very poor and due to the condition of the lungs, when the oxygen is pumped in it leaves rapidly as the organ can’t physically hold onto it.

The price of cigarettes is supposedly going ro rise again making them around £20 per pack according to new research. You can no longer by a pack of 10 either, which used to be around £4. You can only buy them in packs of £2o and they are roughly £10 per pack with some costing a lot more.  Apparently doubling the price of fags could lead to ‘unprecedented health gains and poverty reduction’, experts say.

The poorest income group also stands to gain the most in terms of life increase, gaining around 7 years on the wealthier people.

Ciagarettes are massively taxed in most countries including the UK, but the new study – published in the medical journal BMJ, finds that by increasing the price of tobacco yet again will have massive effects.

The logic is simple, and rather understandable, by increasing the price of cigarettes it is supposed to ‘help’ people to stop smoking. If they cant afford to do it then they wont. If you ask me people always find a way.

Smoking is extremely bad for you, especially long term, and so if you smoke everyday hopefully this little guide to the benefits of quitting and how quickly they kick in will be the motivation to help you quit for good. It’s never too late for a resolution, it doesn’t have to be only at the start of a New Year to make a big positive change.

The long term effects smoking has are very detrimental, your chance of heart disease and cancer are super inflated and in the long term you will have spent an obscene amount of money on the habit. The short term effects are also pretty amazing and you’ll be surprised just how quickly the effect can be seen.

The effects of quitting smoking come into effect almost immediately, here is a timeline of how your body changes once you give up smoking.

After 20 minutes

After only 20 minutes the effect of quitting smoking has already started. Your heart rate will have returned to its normal level, as a very dangerous effect of smoking is the increase in your heartbeat. You also lose sensation in your hands and legs and so after 20 minuted these sensations will have come back to life.

After 8 hours

Only 8 hours later and the blood in your body should be fully refreshed since its last intake of carbon monoxide. The carbon monoxide that enters your body when you burn tobacco and inhale smoke is very toxic and so after 8 hours it returns to manageable levels in your bloodstream. Not only that but the oxygen levels in your blood will automatically increase back to their usual levels as another effect of smoking is that the oxygen levels also dramatically decrease.

After 2 days

One big side effect of smoking is a much reduced sense of smell and taste. While these are not life threatening by any means, after just two days you will find yourself enjoying food much more as your senses return to you. When you smoke you actually burn the nerve endings in your nose and damage your tastebuds and so after 2 days you will notice that these nerve endings have regrown and your tastebuds are working better again. It might be weird at first but this is the first big sign that you’ve got past the initial difficulties in quitting.

After 3 days

Three days mark the day that your lungs will start to feel refreshed. They will feel revitalized and deep breaths will be easy and be enjoyable. The cilia in the lungs will have begun repairing itself thanks to the lack of constant damage you are causing them, and consequently the risk of heart attack is significantly lower at this point.

After 2 weeks

Your lungs will be so much clearer now and physical activity should be a relative ease for you. You will no longer get that horrible feeling of nausea as soon as you start to run or do any form of exercise. After just 2 weeks your body will have recovered a lot and breathing will be much easier when performing physical activities and so your body won’t react badly when you try and put it through its paces.

After 3 to 9 months

The biggest noticeable change in this time will be the quality of your skin. When you smoke the blood flow is restricted and so your blood is not remaining oxygenated by the time it reaches those far away skin cells. After this amount of time blood flow will be back to normal level and your skin will start to feel soft again. The proper circulation helps your skin produce collagen, the substance that stops your skin from wrinkling, so even more reason to stop smoking!

Between 1 and 5 years

The risk of heart disease, while not eliminated, has become half as likely again. All physical associations with smokers will have completely gone, like yellow teeth and fingernails, you’ll be almost back to your pre smoker self. The risk of cancer also decreases by an absolute ton, as your risk lowers by 50% in this time. While you still may fancy a smoke from time to time the real grip it had on you is gone and so you are much less likely to re-take it up.

After 10 to 15 years

The need to smoke is most likely completely gone. The results of going smoke free are incredibly positive and you feel much freer knowing you don’t crave a cigarette any more. After a full 15 years your chance of getting heart disease and cancer is the same as a non-smoker and the health risks associated with long term smoking are completely gone.

If you are a smoker and reading this for inspiration then hopefully you can see the huge benefits giving up smoking has. Not only will it have pretty instant effects like a lower risk in heart attack, revitalised lungs and being able to enjoy food and smells more, it also has some incredible long terms health effects and if you want to fully enjoy your later life it’s important to try and kick the habit.

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