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Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon have been dating now for two years and rumour has it he’s definitely going to be proposing to her soon.

Stacey has talked about her relationship with Joe on Loose Women and how they have talked about marriage in the past but after much speculation, Joe has finally revealed he is planning on popping the question. The pair met back in 2010 when they both appeared on I’m A Celebrity.

Speaking to the Mirror, Joe said marriage is definitely on the cards but he’s just thinking of the best way to do it.

The pair of them recently flew to Barcelona for a romantic break to celebrate Joe’s 36th birthday which was a surprise from Stacey.

Asked if his proposal could occur during another getaway, Joe coyly respond: “Maybe… who knows.”

“It’s something we’re both looking forward to,” said the cockney actor.

He then added: “I wouldn’t say that I’m the most romantic person in the world and I’m sure Stacey would agree with that.

“But we like to get away as often as possible on weekend breaks… just the two of us.”

They’ve both talked about how they have to put their kids first but always make the effort to see each other, even if it’s late at night. Stacey flew all the way to Australia for just three days to surprise Joe while he was hosting I’m A Celebrity.

“We always make the effort to see each other,” Joe said.

“Being out there is tough because I miss everyone back home but it’s still so much fun,” he said.

The 36-year-old TV presenter recently confirmed the return of the spin-off show for the 11th year running. He will be joined by Scarlett Moffatt and Joel Dermott and it’ll mark the first year the line-up has remained the same for a number of years.

Speaking about the chemistry with Scarlett and Joel, Joe said: “We just really get on as a threesome.

“We went back to the original style and format like when it was me and Caroline in the early days and it just worked so much better.

“Before we had too many people and too much going on.

“But Scarlett and Joel just add so much to the show,” he added.

When Joe isn’t away filming, he revealed he and Stacey like to chill out with their kids at home. Joe has a son from a previous relationship while Stacey has two boys from previous relationships. Joe explained that when they’re all together, their families like to bond over computer games, which often causes ‘friendly rivalry’.

The Loose Women presenter recently revealed she had decided to take her son’s Zachary and Leighton out of school.

The 28-year-old set the record straight about why she decided to homeschool 10-year-old Zachary and five-year-old Leighton after she was criticised for taking them on holiday during ‘term time’.

She shared a number of photos from her trip to the Canary Islands but was trolled by followers for taking her sons out of school during term time. Stacey revealed that the decision wasn’t made overnight and she’d been thinking about doing it for a few years. She felt Zachary had lost his enthusiasm since being in school.

“[Zachary] would come home from school embarrassed to make jokes and be silly and he became very quiet and a little sad. We spoke about this a lot and he explained to me that his behaviour was deemed naughty and disruptive by teachers and not cool by his peers,” Stacey explains in her column for The Sun.

“He said when he asked questions, he felt they were silly. One stuck out for me in particular. They were studying the Egyptians and he asked ‘but where did the Egyptians come from?’ He was told to ask a sensible question,” she continued.

“As time went on and Zachary got older it became uncool to be clever so his grades started dropping and his attitude rising. Yes, even at 10. I didn’t want to believe it started that early either but apparently it does! That’s when I thought, ‘OK, what are we doing here?’” she explained.

Stacey went on to say that she wasn’t “school bashing to teacher bashing” and said that homeschool isn’t for everyone.

“Yes, it’s controversial and not everyone will agree with me but parents have to make their own decisions,” she noted.

“No-one should judge them and you shouldn’t feel judged. When it comes to raising your kids I firmly believe everyone should do it their own way and not judge what everyone else is doing.”

She went onto explain that she is fortunate to rely on her family to help, with her mother looking after the boys, while her marine biologist sister helps teach them about the ocean life, her brother teaches them IT skills and app building and free classes at the App store help teach her sons coding. She’s making sure they follow English, Maths and Science and says they are free to make the decision to attend secondary school in the future. Stacye is also following online classes to teach her sons Mandarin.

However, she revealed that people’s comments on her social media recently have made her feel upset.

Speaking on today’s show, an upset Stacey revealed: “I’m usually very good on social media and I think if you’re on there, you put yourself out there for comments and all that.

“But recently I’ve been quite affected, as people have been saying – ‘You’re so dumb how could you even teach your own kids, you can’t even spell your own name’.”

She continued: “It really struck a chord with me as for a long time, even as a child, I have come across dumb because of my accent and my personality, and I’ve always been treated that way.”

Her co-panellist Nadia Sawalha intercepted and told her: “You are witty, you are smart, and you are a great Loose Woman!”

Christine Lampard also hit back, saying: “It’s so ridiculous. It’s like, I don’t know you, and I have no warrant to have an opinion but I’m still going to tell you. I can’t believe people pick their phones up to be horrible!”

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