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Couple Who Weigh 55 Stone Banned From Taxi For Breaking Car Suspension

A man and his girlfriend, who collectively weight 55 stone claim that they have been banned from ordering taxis from their local firm. Marcus Edwards who is 36 stone, was informed by the taxi company that he would no longer be allowed to use their taxi services.

Marcus and his girlfriend, Taylor Faulkner, who is 19 stone, revealed that they used to cab company up for four times each day, but their custom has now been banned following a claim that Edwards broke the suspension of one of their cars.

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The couple used the taxi firm mainly to visit Edward’s mum house, who lives around a mile away. After getting a taxi across to her house, the couple phoned up to order one to take them back home, but were told that there were no vehicles available for them.

Taylor confronted the taxi operator later in the day to find an explanation for their refusal to send a car for the couple. She was informed by Centrex Cars that her partner, Marcus, was banned from the taxi company.

Taylor claims that the taxi firm argued that the suspension of two people carriers had been damaged on two occasions after giving Marcus a ride.

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The angry couple, who are from Birmingham, have accused Centrex Cars of ‘discrimination against larger people’ and are calling for them to withdraw the ban. The couple feel personally attacked after the taxi company are now refusing the pick them up.

Marcus suffers from blood clot in his heart and lungs, has body fluid issues and has cellulitis on his legs because of his struggle with obesity. Marcus revealed that after spending up to £20 a day for years, he is upset that Centrex Cars have began to refuse his custom.

“I have been a loyal customer of the firm for years spending up to £20 a day and now they have kicked me in the teeth.

“Because of my size I always book a five seater for Taylor and myself.

“She sits in the front and I have to spread across three seats in the back.

“There has never been a problem but when we rang for a lift back from my mum Sharon’s house on Tuesday they said there were no vehicles available all night and to try someone else.

“We found that odd, then when Taylor rang to query it the following day she was told two drivers had said I had damaged their suspensions and I was banned from now on because of my weight.

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“I am obese because of my medical problems but this is discrimination against larger people like me pure and simple.

“I don’t believe I have knackered two cars’ suspensions but I think they just don’t want a person of my size around them.

“They should realise I suffer from a disease called obesity. After all the money we have spent with them they should be ashamed.”

Taylor, who is 19 stone, says that her struggle with obesity is a consequence of her epilepsy. She revealed that companies are often willing to make exceptions because of her boyfriend’s size. She explained that on a flight last year to Fuerteventura, the airline allowed Marcus three seats to spread across to ensure his comfort.

Taylor explained what happened in the taxi dispute: “I rang the booking office to find out why there had been a problem getting a car the the night before and I was stunned when a man who said he was a manager said we were banned from their cars from now on because Marcus had broken the suspensions of two of their vehicles.

“I was flabbergasted and told him he must be joking. But he was adamant and told us to use another cab company in future.


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“I argued with him that they use their people carriers for airport runs full of people and suitcases so how could they blame the mechanical problems on Marcus.

“A family group and their luggage would weigh much more than Marcus and the damaged cars could simply have banged over potholes.

“Marcus always has to sit on three seats and there has been no trouble in the past and we are amongst their best customers.

“We are both angry and upset with their attitude. We think they are persecuting us because we are overweight. But we can’t help it. It’s not that we eat and drink too much.”

Taylor continued to explain that she makes an effort to ensure her and her boyfriend’s meals are as healthy as possible.

She continued: “I do all our home cooked, healthy meals and we might treat ourselves to a takeaway just once a month.

“I don’t drink alcohol because of my condition and Marcus will only have a drink on special occasions.”

Edwards and his girlfriend Taylor Faulkner say that they were banned from Centrex Cars after Edwards broke two cabs' suspension, but they were being discriminated against due to their size. Pictured: A Centrex Cars taxi van 

A spokesperson for the Birmingham taxi firm said:

“It is wrong to say we banned him but the simple fact is we just do not have a car available that is big enough for him. He has got larger.

“One of the drivers did complain there had been a problem with his suspension but we have only refused this customer because we don’t have a vehicle large enough that suits his needs at the moment.”

Whilst the taxi company claim that they have no car big enough for Marcus due to his continued increase in weight, Marcus argues that his health problems mean that he cannot lose the weight.

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