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This Morning is a British Daytime TV show that runs on ITV every weekday from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. It’s currently hosted by the lovely Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield from Monday to Thursday and Ruth Langford and Eamon Holmes every Friday. It was first aired on 3 October 1988 making it the longest running daytime TV show in Britains history. It’s been a popular show with people of all ages as it features all sorts of different topics; news, fashion, topical items, showbiz, home & garden, food, health and real life.

Here are a few things you probably didn’t know about everyone’s favourite daytime TV show.


1. In 2001, the show featured the first homosexual wedding.

This was 13 years before homosexual marriage was officially recognised in England and Wales. The marriage between Neil Morris and Mark Jinks was conducted by a reverend and was attended by presenters Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan.


2. Richard & Judy.

From 1988 to 2001, the show was presented by Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan and the show became known to the public as The Richard and Judy show. Richard and Judy was actually their own chatshow they launched in 2001.


3. Victoria Wood and the parody.

The show was heavily parodied by late comedienne Victoria Wood on her Christmas special “Victoria Wood’s All Day Breakfast”. Her and Duncan Preston imitated Richard and Judy as married couple Martin Crossthwaite and Sally Cumbernauld. Even the set on Albert Dock was copied.


4. Albert Dock.

The shows small studio used to be in Albert Dock which used to attract a lot of people and passers-by who could see the presenters and guests on the show. This led the producers to move the studio down to London to also attract more A-List guests because Liverpool was often too far for them to travel to. The show did, however, make a return to Liverpool for it’s 25th Aniversary episode.

You get nice scenic views now…..


Although, it doesn’t look as nice looking from the outside…


Oh & I’m forgetting the one major flaw about filming at the Albert Dock studio…

It didn’t have a bathroom. Judy Finnigan recalls having to run over the road to use the toilet in the pub.

5. Ratings rise by 20%.

When Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield took over presenting in 2009 the show was completely revamped and ratings rose by 20% immediately.


6. The show has proven pretty newsworthy.

We all remember when Holly and Phillip turned up half drunk from the NTA’s last year? Of course, we do! That story attracted a lot of media attention. A 2008 interview with Kerry Katona slurring her words and a gay partnership celebration live also attracted media coverage.


7. Rylan made TV history.

In 2016, Rylan and his husband Dan Neal made TV history as the first gay couple to present an episode of This Morning.


8. Why is the show so popular?

Well, for starters it’s because of the catchy theme tune and of course, Phillip and Holly’s on-screen chemistry! The pair have been popular with This Morning viewers since they started in 2009. The show has become more and more popular over the years, with people admitting they only watch it because of Phillip and Holly.


9. Over 85,000 people signed a petition to stop Katie Hopkins from appearing on This Morning again.

After her ill-timed Tweet about Scottish life expectancy in the wake of the Glasgow Helicopter Crash, 85,000 people signed a petition to stop the infamous Kate Hopkins from appearing on the show again.


10. The first ever show.

It was a lot different to the show we know now and the first ever show starred Just Good Friends star Paul Nicholls and a doctor talking about the MMR Vaccine, fashion knickers and a working mum phone-in. Despite there being no publicity for the show (before it was aired) it attracted over two million viewers.


11. Richard Madeley once got caught speeding to work.

On his way to “This Morning” Richard got pulled over and fined for speeding because he was worried about being late. That was a good start to his day, three points on his license and a £20 fine. Poor Richard.


12. The popular theme song.

That catchy theme song we know so well was created by David Pringle. The same man who wrote the opening music for Wheel of Fortune, Fun House and The Pyramid Game.


13. The National Television Awards.

There seems to be something about the NTA’s that turn This Morning presenter’s funny. Before Holly and Phillips ‘drunken’ behaviour after the NTA’s last year there was Judy’s blunder. Judy accidentally flashed her bra to the nation when her halter-neck top came undone without her realising. She received some sympathy from Cherie Blair after she was caught out in public in her nightie.


“She got a saucy postcard from Cherie Blair saying, ‘I know how you feel!’” revealed Richard. “It was wonderful,” says Judy. “A still from Carry on Camping with Barbara Windsor’s bra falling off.”


14. They’ve had some famous call-ins.

George Michael rang in on Richard and Judy’s last day to thank them for easing him into his day and Cherie Blair rang in to moan that Tony never sends her flowers.


15. George Michael.

George Michael once donated £50,000 to the show’s festival appeal. Richard and Judy were so thrilled that they invited him around to their house for Sunday lunch.


16. The studio’s security.

The old studio had very little security and one of the back doors lead out to the dock’s arcade. Two ladies once mistook it for Habitat and walked in while the show was on air.


17. The Streaker.

For those of you who were too young or didn’t watch the show in 1995 there was a streaker live on the show, Mark Roberts “a professional streaker” once ran and leapt on to the floating map, showing the nation his warm front. He has since revealed he will be retiring from streaking…we’re just not sure when.


18. The show’s doctor, Chris Steele.

Chris Steele was asked to appear on the show by Richard and Judy in 1988. He has since appeared on the show each week and he was Richard and Judy’s GP too. He is now the only original and longest standing member of the show.


19. Life-saving features.

This Morning showed the first live breast, prostate and testicular examinations on daytime TV. This Morning hasn’t just saved lives, it’s created them. In 2010, Jo Maidment appeared on the show to talk about her struggles getting pregnant and how her primary care trust refused to fund her fertility treatment because her partner had children from a previous relationship. An anonymous viewer paid for her first round of IVF, but unfortunately, Jo miscarried, she managed to freeze an egg she’d saved and managed to become pregnant. She gave birth to her first child in 2012.


20. Fern and Phillip got thrown out of the studio once.

When Phillip Schofield took over John Leslie, he and Fern hit it off straight away. They sat on the studio floor after the show drinking Whiskey and tell each other their life stories. They ended up getting kicked out of the studio for laughing too loud.


21. The show gets 1.5 million viewers every day.

It’s one of the most popular daytime TV shows ever and it’s the most visited ITV website with an average of 90,000 views per month.


22. Holly once walked out of the studio because she was so scared.

There was an item on one day about ghosts which scared Holly so much that walked out of the studio and even started crying.

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