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Many people are questioning why a seven-year investigation into Madeline McCann is still ongoing.

The Home Office has made cuts to police yet Scotland Yard has applied for funding of up to £150,000 to continue the hunt for the missing girl.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd is said to have blocked the amount earmarked for Operation Grange being revealed after a document was leaked from her department last week which linked cuts to policing with a rise in stabbings, shootings and acid attacks.

It’s almost been 11 years since the disappearance of Madeline McCann and her parents, Kate & Jerry are still no closer to finding what happened to their daughter after she vanished from the Portuguese holiday home in May 2007.

The youngster had been left sleeping alone with her younger twin siblings whilst her parents and their friends had dinner in a nearby tapas restaurant.

A Home Office spokesperson said: “We are not publicising the figure applied for by the Metropolitan Police and the amount given this time.

“There is a lot of sensitivity surrounding this case and it is a challenging time for the Government.

“We remain committed to the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine and advised the MPS last month that an application for Special Grant funding is being granted.”

A Scotland Yard spokesperson said:  “You couldn’t get a more emotive case than this and there is still work left to do.

“We asked for more funding for a final line of inquiry that is still being investigated.

“We can never say how close we really are for operational reasons, which could alert a suspect we are closing in.

“But a request for more money would never have been made if there was nothing left to chase.

“We are grateful to the Home Office for approving our special grant request but we are not divulging how much we have been given.”

Kate and Jerry McCann are kept informed by police of any development, however, police are declining to say if the “final line of inquiry” is the same lead they have been chasing for the past 3 years.

Family spokesperson Clarence Mitchell said today: “They have been told not to discuss any work detectives are carrying out but there are told on a regular basis what is happening.”

Madeline would be 14, nearly 15-years-old now and she could still be alive.

The past six months of funding ran out two weeks ago and so far, the inquiry, which was launched in May 2011 has cost nearly £11.5 million.

Mr Mitchell said: “They are very encouraged that police still believe there is work left to be done and they are incredibly grateful to the Home Office for providing an extra budget for the investigation.

“It gives them hope that one day they may finally find out what happened to their daughter.”

A close pal of the couple said: “Kate and Gerry do not feel their daughter’s case should be given any more priority than any other missing child but there is an active police investigation ongoing and officers still feel there is important work left to be done.

“It’s not helpful and is very hurtful for retired police officers and in the past so called crime experts and other families to say the investigation should be wound up and is a waste of public money.

“Kate and Gerry believe there is a chance their daughter could still be found alive, as detectives do.

“They have enough to deal with and don’t need people with no idea about the case being armchair detectives and hopes the criticism stops.

“It undermines the work of one of the best police forces in the world.”

Former detective Colin Sutton believes Madeline is dead.

He told an Australian documentary that investigators faced  a “thankless task” and insisted: “It’s almost impossible without specific intelligence that would allow you to focus on a specific area.”

Ben Needham’s mum said on Loose Women that she had not received “a fraction of the help and support that Madeline’s parents have had”.

Kerry, 43, from South Yorks, whose son disappeared during a family holiday to the Greek island of Kos in 1991,  said: “I’m not taking anything away from it at all – she deserves to be found but so does Ben and we haven’t had a fraction of that help. It hurts.”

Dad Paul Whinham whose son has been missing for over two years also hit out, saying: “There’s people like me all over the country being told there’s no more the police can do and yet this one case gets all the money and attention.

“If that’s not preferential treatment, I don’t know what is.”

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