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We all remember watching The Worst Witch on CITV, one our favourite kids channel’s of the late 90s. There was a total of 40 episodes that were broadcast between the years of 1998 and 2001. The show was that popular that the producers decided to follow Mildred Hubble and Ethel Hallow to university in Weirdsister College.

We all loved Mildred Hubble when we were in school with her clumsy personality which lead her and the other girls into situations that they all didn’t want to be in.

Just like any kids programme that was focused around a school, there were the stereotypes of school children that we all had in our own schools. That’s what made us like the fantasy story so much because we could connect with so many of the characters, even if they were witches.

In 2017, the CBBC decided to do a remake of The Worst Witch which got some of us excited to see whether or not it would be as good as the old series. The new 2017 series is even available on Netflix and a lot of us were left disappointed when we thought it was the one from the 90s.

Why don’t we take a trip down memory lane and find out what these witches are now up to! Has time been kind to these little witches? Let’s find out…

Mildred Hubble played by Georgina Sherrington


Mildred is the leading character of the series and no matter what anyone says she was everyone’s favourite witch. The way she never seemed to get anything right made people warm up to her a lot more and that’s how she get’s the title of being “The Worst Witch”.


Since the show finished filming in 2001, she has continued to pursue acting, being credited in a short films including The White Box and Steamboat. In 2017, Georgina appeared in a horror movie called Kill Or Be Killed and a Fantasy movie called Dark Ascension. The sequel to Dark Ascension is being filmed with Georgina being featured in that too.

Maud Moonshine played by Emma Brown


Aw, who didn’t like little Maud? She was SO sweet! Maud was Mildred’s best friend so any friend of Mildred’s was a friend of ours. Maud was that friend that tended to try and guide Mildred through her difficult times and we always loved seeing that support from a friend.


To be honest, she looks pretty much the same as ever but unfortunately none of us would have seen her on the big screen since her days at Cackle’s because she no longer does any acting. Georgina and Emma posed for a picture on Twitter in 2016 as the reunited 18 years later and we can understand why these two have stayed friends for so long

Ethel Hallow played by Felicity Jones


Everyone hated Ethel (and rightly so… she was a right little cow)! Ethel was Mildred’s rival because she was the classic ‘model’ student that you get in ever children’s school-based series. She came across like a snob and thought she knew it all which didn’t go down that well with us back in the day!


But, it turns out she is the most successful of the lot – cheeky minx. Felicity Jones has gone on to have one of the most successful acting careers being featured in a number of blockbusters and being nominated for an Oscar for her role in The Theory of Everything. Witches hats off to her!

Enid Nightshade played by Jessica Fox


Do you remember Enid? She had quite a small part in the Worst Witch but most of you will most definitely recognise her face. Enid was the practical joker of the group, who ends up becoming quite good friends with Mildred. But what she is up to now?


Yes, you guessed it! Jessica Fox will most likely be known for playing Nancy Osborne in the soap opera Hollyoaks. She is one of the longest running characters, featuring in over 800 episodes and it doesn’t look like her Hollyoaks career will be over any time soon!

Ruby Cherrytree played by Joanna Dyce


Ruby was another of the witches at school with the girls and is basically the creative and inventive one of the group (hence her hair being styled like a mad professors). Even though most of her inventions go wrong, that doesn’t stop her from creating any more.

Joanna Dyce didn’t focus on her acting career since leaving the witch school in 2001 and only ended up appearing in one episode of Doctors in 2003. She has however, had a very successful career as a choreographer and dancer, performing with the likes of Girls Aloud, Kylie Minogue, Robbie Williams, Taylor Swift and even Cliff Richard.

Drusilla Paddock played by Holly Rivers


Drusilla was another character we tended not to like because she was Ethel’s one and only friend. However, she did get a bit of redemption when she went and saved Mildred from falling down a waterfall. Now, for the BIGGEST transformation of all! Who would have thought little Drusilla would turn out like this…


Holly Rivers who played Drusilla has changed her look completely! She is another character that hasn’t really stuck to acting only being credited in two other productions. Holly now works as a TV presenter, fashion blogger and punk model.

Jadu Wali played by Harshna Brahmbhatt

Jadu Wali is another one of Mildred’s friends who takes the role of the more dramatic friend in the group. Later on in the series, she becomes Deputy Head Girl to Mildred who ends up becoming Head Girl.

Harshna Brahmbhatt doesn’t seem to have taken on acting since her stint on The Worst Witch. In 2001 when the show ended, Harshna appeared in one episode of Dalziel and Pascoe but that seems to be the last production she was credited for. On Linkedin it seems like she is now Corporate Affairs Senior Manager at Pension Insurance Corporation.

Miss Amelia Cackle played by Clare Coulter

Miss Amelia Cackle is the kind-hearted headmistress and spells teacher of Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches. She takes a much nicer approach in the discipline of Mildred by making her feel guilty when she has done something wrong.

Clare Coulter also appeared as the headmistress on the spin-off show The New Worst Witch and has since been featured in a few short films like Emmy, Bird and The Argument.

Miss Constance Hardbroom played by Kate Duchêne

Miss Hardbroom was one of the scariest characters from any of the TV programmes we used to watch when we were younger. She was much more different to Miss Cackle and handled things in a way that would scare not only Mildred, but us as well.

Since the show finished in 2011, Kate has featured in her fair few TV series and films. She played Barbara Sinyard in 13 episodes of Afterlife between 2005 and 2006 and also featured in two theatre performances of Hedda Gabler and Everyman in 2015 and 2016.

Who was your favourite character from The Worst Witch?

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