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Losing weight can be a very difficult thing to do. The advice provided by professionals like doctors and nutritionists often varies greatly and is sometimes even contradictory based on the professionals own research and beliefs. Therefore, it is hard to know what sort of foods you should be eating to try and shed the pounds. Some people advise that avocados are the best thing to eat for weight loss based on their high percentage of ‘good’ fats, but some nutritionists completely disagree and deem them as highly calorific for those attempting to lose weight. Confusing isn’t it!

We have gathered all the information and put together 20 foods which are undoubtedly helpful in your journey to lose weight. Here are 20 different foods which you can add to your diet to make sure you are on track! These foods have been deemed useful for weight loss not just based on their low calories but because of their ability to help speed up your metabolism as well as being generally healthy for the body!

1. Eggs

Eggs have been widely debated in the nutrition industry. At one point, people assumed them to be high in cholesterol and therefore best to avoid.  However, research now suggests that eggs do not negatively affect blood cholesterol and are high on the list for people to are wanting to lose weight.

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2. Leafy Greens

This is quite a broad term and can cover many different green vegetables. From spinach to kale, these examples of veg are very low in calories and carbs and high in fibre. This makes them perfect for those who want to cut their calories!
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3. Salmon

Salmon has a reputation for being very healthy. It not only helps to keep your feeling full but it also has few calories. Salmon is a great source of protein as well as providing lots of different nutrients.

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4. Cruciferous vegetables

Whilst this term sounds a funny one, it is just the name for the family of veg which includes cauliflower, Brussel sprouts and cabbage. Typical of veg, it is very high in fibre, protein and is also very filling! No need to snack on biscuits when you’ve got a meal crammed with veggies!

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5. Chicken breast and lean pieces of beef

Meat is quite a controversial one when it comes to health. Different nutritionists recommend different things. Some say that meat is best only for special occasions and others swear by regular portions for a healthy and high source of protein. It is without doubt that chicken and lean beef has a high percentage of protein which is essential for building muscle and losing weight.

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6. Boiled Potatoes

Many people assume potatoes as a heavy carb. However, they do have many benefits which helps them to be a key ingredient for losing weight. They offer multiple nutrients and are notably high in potassium – a nutrient essential for controlling blood pressure.

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7. Tuna

Tuna is undoubtedly an oily fish which is incredibly good for you. Low calorie and high in protein – what more do we need!

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8. Beans

Certain varieties of beans like lentils, black beans and kidney beans are great for losing weight. They are protein and fibre rich, we don’t need any more persuading!

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9. Soup

Soup has been proven to make people full for longer. This is because of its low energy density as it is made up of lots of liquid, veg and sometimes fruit. There are all kinds of healthy soup which you can buy and make in order to keep you full but only consuming a few calories.

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10. Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is a very high in protein – as most dairy foods are. However, unlike other dairy products, it has a low percentage of carbs and fat. This means it is made up most of protein.

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11. Avocadoes

These are a unique in the food world. Yes they are full of fat, but the fat is what nutritionists describe as healthy fat – similar to that found in olive oils.

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12. Apple Cider Vinegar

This liquid is very popular in the health and beauty industry. From clearing spots to being used in dressings for salads, apple cider vinegar is truly multipurpose. As well as this, it has all kinds of different health benefits, including making those who consume it feel full for much longer!

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13. Nuts

Nuts are definitely high in fat. However, they are not necessarily fattening. If eaten in moderation, nuts contain great sources of fibre, protein and improve metabolism. You do have to be careful when eating them that you don’t consume too many – in spite of their health benefits they are still dense in calories.

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14. Whole grains

Although grains seem to be debated in the health world, there are some forms that are most definitely good for you. Oats, quinoa and wholemeal rice are all examples of whole grains that are full of fibre and protein.

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15. Chilli peppers

Chilli peppers are a clever ingredient when it comes to weight loss. They contain something called capsaicin. Research shows that this reduces a person’s appetite and help to burn fat in their bodies.

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16. Fruit

Fruit does have a high proportion of sugar in it, making is so delicious. But it is generally agreed that fruit is healthy. Fruit is low in calories and high in fibre.

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17. Grapefruit

There are many studies that have research grapefruit. Although sour, it seems to be a particularly useful tool for weight loss. Research advises that eating half a fresh grapefruit regularly on a morning helps to increase weight loss.

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18. Chia Seeds

These are one of the superfoods which do just about everything. They are low carb and powerfully high in fibre and full of all kinds of nutrients.

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19. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is advised as a great alternative to cooking food in other fats. It is popular as a beauty product as well, so you won’t struggle to use this multi-purpose ingredient. For using as a hair treatment as well as a cooking oil, coconut oil is essential to have in your cupboard!

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20. Full-fat yoghurt

Yes, you heard this right. Whilst some yoghurts offer a low-fat alternative, they often add other things like sugar in order to make up the taste. Consuming yoghurt regularly helps the gut to function.

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What do you think to these healthy foods? Will you be trying any of them or adding them to your diet to help you lose weight before summer?

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