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1. Failing to de-clog the drain

It goes without saying that the longer the hair of the woman, the less they care about making a mess in the shower. When you have long hair, it is a big enough task to wash your hair. We don’t have all-in-one shampoo and conditioners like men do, we actually have to shampoo THEN condition. It is a long and laborious task. Therefore after we’ve washed out hair, cleaning out the plughole is just too much to ask.

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2. Brace yourself for this one, men.

As women we sometimes get discharge. Yes, you may cringe, but this is perfectly normal part of being a female. But, sometimes we are a bit wetter than normal and we become unsure as to whether it is a bit of extra discharge or the start of a period.

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3. Stretching jeans

There are many methods to stretch out the clingyness of freshly washed garments. But when it comes to jeans, there is only one way to do it. Put them on an squat. Low, hard and wide.

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4. When it comes to washing jeans

To avoid that post-wash feeling, because no-one likes not being able to breathe, most women very rarely wash their jeans. Even if they have a few small marks on, this can easily be brushed off as simply wear and tear. In the event of white stains, over with a black marker.

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5. Men, watch out, ladies can trump too

It is a huge fear for women who do silent but deadlies in their skinny jeans that they will ever have to take them off. Luckily, the tightness of the jean helps to trap the fart. Until, that is, they have to come off.

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6. Taking off your bra is one of life’s luxuries

The first thing you must do when you get home, even before saying hi to your partner, is to take off your bra. As women we have to wear tight cases around our breasts all day, making us feel trapped. So allowing our boobs a bit of space to move freely truly is one of the best feelings ever.

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7. Kegel exercises, all the time

You will have no idea when we are doing Kegel exercises, but it is most likely alot of the time. Because the nature of them means they can be done anywhere, we could be performing them even when you don’t know we are.

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8. Freshly shaven legs

On the rare occasion, we shave our legs, the best feeling is to climb into newly washed sheets and rub against them. The squeaky clean sensation is almost too much to bear.

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9. Constantly crying

‘But why are you crying’ ‘I’ve told you there is no reason’. Sometimes it is hard for our male counterparts to understand why we cry for no reason, all the time. But often there really is no reason for our blubbing, and then we feel silly for crying so that makes us cry even more. And then we see our ugly post-cry face in the mirror and this makes us cry even more. It’s a constant cycle of tears.

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10. Perving on other women

It is very common for women to look at other women’s butts. We do it, all the time. From in the gym to walking down the street, the first thing we look at is a women’s bottom. And why? Not because we are perves but it women like to both compare themselves to other women and sometimes we actually appreciate then another woman has a fantastic figure to look at!

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