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We can all agree that we absolutely love the idea of a snow day. But, the reality is that we really have to try and get ourselves into work if we can.

But, what about those days when you’re snowed in, or the car won’t start or even worse… the trains aren’t running. What do you do then?

In your head you get a wave of excitement because you literally can’t get yourself into work because the odds are all against you. However, this is what Phil Pepper employment partner at a law firm has to say when you can’t physically get yourself into work.

“Employers should communicate what is expected in such circumstances, preferably ahead of any expected bad weather and make sure workers know the procedures.”

Whilst this isn’t always the case, these are the rights that you should really make yourself aware of if the weather gets too bad that you can’t get yourself into work.

So, will you get into trouble at work if you can’t get yourself in?

Well, what happens if you can’t get in is mainly down to your boss. You can take unpaid leave, work flexible hours in order to make up for lost time or you can use on of your holiday days. If you have really made an effort to get in contact with them earlier rather than later then they shouldn’t penalise you for not being able to get into work.

If you are still unsure then you need to review your contract and look into the staff handbook. There may be something about extreme weather in there and see if your boss is being fair.

Do you have to travel if your boss is putting pressure on your coming in?

As an employer, you cannot force your employees to make a journey that is deemed unsafe. However, if you can’t make it into work then you can then your bosses don’t have to pay you either.

Do you have to take a day off as a holiday if your workplace or office is closed?

The good thing is that your pay cannot be docked if it is out of your control that the office has shut. It also cannot be taken from your annual leave which means you essentially get a day off to do whatever you want!

Does your holiday allowance get docked if you can’t get in?

Employers actually have to give you two days notice before they can actually make you take a days holiday.

What do you do if your children’s school is closed and you have to look after them?

It is likely that school close before workplaces do. This is because it is sometimes extremely dangerous for hundreds of kids to go into school when the weather is potentially dangerous.

However, you are actually allowed to take days off work if your childcare arrangements are disrupted. This means you’re allowed to take the day off with them to look after them. This could also be in the form of unpaid leave.

What happens if you managed to make it in but your co-workers haven’t?

Well, everyone has different ways of getting into work and everyone lives in different places. This means that it may be easier for other people to get in. If you manage to get it and your co-workers don’t then sadly nothing happens. Hopefully, this won’t go unnoticed by your boss though!

What if you are told you need to work from home or from another office?

If you can work from home then you are expected to. This isn’t unreasonable because you can’t make it into the office.

We can all agree that a snow day is something special and we need to make the most of it when we can. This is everything you need to know about snow days and we hope that we manage to get a few this festive season!

What will you do on your day off if you manage to bag yourself a snow day?! The most fun is when you have the kids to spend it with! Luckily, we are expecting snow in the coming weeks so we can all a really get excited for a white Christmas ahead. Remember we’re only a few weeks away from the big day!!!

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