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Star Wars fans are loving Primarks newest bargain.

The budget high-street store is selling a Princess Leia T-shirt for £6 and it’s going down very well with customers.

The top has Carrie Fisher’s character on the front of it in a black and white portrait.

One tweeted: “There’s a new Princess Leia shirt in Primark that I need.”



Here are some more of the best things available in store at the moment and they’re all available at low prices….


Want a new dressing gown? Anyone obsessed with Harry Potter will LOVE this new sleepwear collection. The midnight blue dressing gown has gold stars and star print with a large hood and a ribbon waist and it’ll only cost you £16.

You can pair your dressing gown with grey slippers boots and Harry Potter pyjamas starting at just £16.

“I need this in my life,” commented one Potter-mad fan, while another added: “Ooh I need that.”

“I don’t get the Harry Potter Primark thing but… dang!” commented one customer, as another wrote: “Omg this dressing gown.

When you’re wanting to leave the house but you just can’t bare changing out of your Harry Potter clothing, you can get your hands on this Gryffindor tracksuit that would be perfect for when you’re travelling.

You can even get your hands on a Harry Potter inspired t-shirt that costs just £7 and Harry Potter fans will have to get themselves to a store very quickly before the range sells out. More than 32,000 people have liked the picture of the t-shirt that was uploaded to the Instagram page.

The t-shirt features the Battle of Hogwarts which saw some of our favourite characters lose their lives. You can see the wizarding school engulfed in flames and it was one of the most memorable and epic moments of the final Harry Potter movie.

You can get your hands on the t-shirt for just £7, but you’ll have to be quick about it. Unfortunately, the t-shirt is only available in the kid’s section at the moment.

One shopper remarked: “Ahh I love this shirt”, while another added: “I must have it!”

Some begged the retailer to release the top in bigger sizes.

One customer said: “You need to bring this out for adults.”

Another agreed: “This is amazing, will there be one for adults too?”

The Harry Potter collection has gone down a treat with shoppers, with people buying all sorts of Harry Potter-esque things like cushions, stationery and clothing with prices starting from £2.

These adorable cushions feature the Hogwarts crest at the front or a letter cushion addressed to Privet Drive (the cupboard under the stairs obviously) so you can decorate your room with all of this magically stuff for a very small price.

Signposts cost just £2, you can get a black chalk board, door hangers and even a bed side light or £6.

If you’re a brew drinker, you’ll love the potion warming shaped mug or the cauldron mug and you can even get yourself a Griffyndor coaster to rest your Potter-esque mug on.

The Harry Potter notepads, pencil case and wash bag are perfect for kids (or adults, whatever!) and they all cost under £4.

And you’ll need a nice comfortable Harry Potter jumper to snuggle up in when you’re having a brew in your Harry Potter mug.

As the days are getting colder, you’ll need some nice new socks to keep your feet warm, won’t you! Primark has the cutest accessories for when the weather takes a turn for the worst or when you just want to sit around the house.

These Team Unicorn socks have sent the internet into a frenzy with the Instagram post attracting over 300,000 likes in the first couple of hours. They should be available in most stores so go and get a pair before they sell out.

Makeup & beauty:

Primark is selling a makeup range that is a dead ringer for MAC makeup. The high street store has brought out some top quality makeup in the recent months with shoppers going crazy for the ranges.

Primark’s newest collection includes a nine-colour eyeshadow palette that’s a dead ringer for a range in MAC and it won’t cost you anywhere near as much.

The budget version costs just £2.50 with nine different colours, whereas MAC’s costs £25. And it’s not just eyeshadow palettes you can get hold of in this “eye candy” range, there are lipsticks, lip and cheek palettes as well as nail polish starting at just £1.50. As well as eye pigments for £2, that are just like the MAC pigment pots that start at £16.

The “eye candy” and “cotton candy” range has caused a storm with shoppers as it resembles some of the MAC products quite a lot. The Primark pigments come in three colours, a couple of pale pinks and a sparkly brown shade. Unfortunately, they’re not available online so you’ll have to get yourself to your nearest Primark store to bag yourself one.

Even beauty bloggers are testing the Primark products & they’re giving some great reviews.


Over the past year or so, Primark’s homeware section has become more and more popular. This lampshade and desk accessories are the perfect way to smarten up your student room or glam up a plain bedroom. Rose gold accessories are very in at the moment so this new drop from Primark is perfectly timed.

When the picture of the lampshade and desk accessories was posted, it said they’d be on sale in the UK, Germany, Belgium, Austria and Luxembourg, leaving fans in other countries wondering why they’re being left out. Some people commented on the photo with a Spanish flag and prayer hands emoji and others asked the budget-friendly store why they never get any of the cute stuff.

You can buy similar accessories from online stores like Iconic Lights but you’d be looking to pay a much steeper price with their large lamp shade holder costing £17.99.


We’re leaving summer and entering the winter months of the year again and that means adding a bit of fluff to your wardrobe.

Primark is selling a fluffy pink handbag that’s almost identical to Topshop’s limited edition version. The fuzzy fold-over bag has a zip fastening, metal chain and it also comes in grey. Primark uploaded a photo of both the bags to their Instagram and the post received over 52,000 likes with people going crazy.

“Want a furry purse!” commented one customer, while another added: “Need one!!!!!!”

“OMG I want the pink one,” wrote one shopper, as another said: “So many nice bags, so little money.”

The Topshop version is being sold at £24 and has a black adjustable shoulder strap, gold-look hardware and zip fastening but with the Primark one being sold at £7, we’ve got a sneaky feeling it’ll be flying off the shelves in no time.


Just when you thought this shop couldn’t get any better, they’ve just released a £10 pair of trainers that look just like the popular Reebok classics. The budget high street store uploaded a picture of them on their Instagram page and they received over 150,000 likes within a couple of hours.

One said: “Oh my God. I want!!”

While another said: “Oo I like the pink ones.”

The trainers come in two shimmery shades (metallic grey and rose gold) with chunky white soles. They’re pretty much the same shape and style but cost £55 less than the Reebok versions that would cost you £65 on the Selfridges website.

Some people even managed to buy the shoes at a discounted price of £5 as they were in the sale recently.

One shopper wrote: “£5 in Primark Middlesbrough #bargain.”

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