Here's The Reason Why There's Black Dots On The Edge Of Your Bus & Car Window

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These little dots tend to go unnoticed by us and this is because every car, every bus and every form of public transport with windows have these dots around on them.

But, it has finally been revealed that there is actually a purpose behind these little dots. The design is actually created with ‘Frit’ and this was told to us by ‘Warphim’ the contributor to these little dots.

‘Frit’ is actually a ceramic paint that is impossible to scrape off!

There are actually a few main purposes behind this. Warphim has said that these dots

“Prevents ultraviolet rays from deteriorating the window sealant”

This is paramount for any public transport because the sealant helps to keep the glass in place. Not only this, but it also helps to keep the rain out of the vehicle.

It also helps to offer a

“more abrasive surface for adhesion” 

and in turn, helps to seal and create a barrier to stop you seeing the ugly seal on there.

The actual dot pattern has two main purposes. Warphim had this to say:

“Because Frit is black, it heats up faster than the rest of the glass during manufacturing. 

“This heat difference can cause issues in production so they make it gradual to reduce stress points.”

Aside from this, the dots are also there for aesthetic purposes as well!

The pattern of dots provides a smoother transition from big black dots to nothing by having smaller ones decreasing the size inwards.

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