Here's What The Cast Of "The Breakfast Club" Looks Like 32 Years Later

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It is unbelievable to think that The Breakfast Club came out in 1985, 32 years ago! The drama-comedy film which was aimed at younger viewers was based on the experiences of five high school students who met in detention. The students first appeared to have absolutely nothing in common, but after a bit of interaction, they discovered they had a lot more than they originally thought.

The film’s popularity meant that if you didn’t catch it in 1985, mainly because you probably were not born, it was recently re-released in cinemas. But have you ever thought what the cast are actually up to now? Well, read on to see what the characters look like now!

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Judd Nelson who played John Bender

The film’s director, John Hughes, nearly sacked Judd Nelson due to his extreme dedication to the role. In the film, his character, John picked on Claire and Nelson continued to mock the actress Molly after filming was finished. The rest of the cast cottoned on to the director’s intentions and managed to persuade him to let Judd keep his position.

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Not only this, but Nelson kept moving out of his position on screen which meant he was often leaving the camera shot. Sounds like he was a tough one to work with!

Molly Ringwald who played Claire Standish

Sophisticated and popular Claire Standish plays the role of, well, the high school princess. But Molly Ringwald was not always destined to play Claire’s role. She was initially cast to perform as Allison, but she insisted to director Hughes that she was better for the part of Claire.

Emilio Estevez who played Andy Clark

Another change in cast was Estevez, who was initially supposed to play revel, John Bender. Director Hughes struggled to find anyone to fill the role of Andy and decided in the end that Estevez for better suited for this part.

Anthony Michael Hall who played Brian Johnson

Hall celebrated his 16th birthday during the days of filming and the entire cast went to American restaurant Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate his big day!

Ally Sheedy who played Allison Reynolds

The actress Sheedy felt she was able to easily portray the role of Allison as she felt that she was very similar to Allison in high school. Allison Reynolds is represented in the film as a heavily-fringed, shy and strange character ut as the film progresses she begins to accept herself more.

John Kapelos who played Carl Reed

No so fun fact: The actor Kapelo, who played Carl Reed, became annoyed during filming. He told him that if he was there in 1977 when Martin Sheen had a heart attack, he would not have helped. When he made this comment, what Kapelos didn’t know was that Estevez’s father was Martin Sheen.

Paul Gleason as Vice Principal Vernon

In 2006, the sad news was revealed that Paul Gleason who played the role as Principal Vernon in the movie had passed away at the age of 67. Known for playing the role of tough guys, Hughes cast Gleason as the ruthlessly strict head teacher.
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