This Is What The Cast Of "Zoey 101" Looks Like Now

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If you didn’t watch Nickelodeon in school, you instantly were not cool. And one of the coolest shows, which the coolest people watched, was Zoey 101. The American comedy-drama series was aimed mainly at young girls as we follow teenager Zoey’s journey into her new boarding school as she tries to make new friends. The school used to an all boy schools, so as girls began to arrive at the school as well, things started to be part of it, things got a little crazy!

From discussing teen topics to hot new romances, the show provided a great three years of entertainment. But have you ever wondered what the cast members are up to now? Well, here’s what they look like!

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Jamie Lynn Spears (Zoey Brooks)

The American actress and singer of the catchy theme song ‘Follow Me’ Jamie, played the show’s main character, Zoey. Her famous older sister, Britney, wrote the song. Aw, sister love!

Paul Butcher (Dustin Brooks)

The son of an NFL linebacker and the nephew of a major news reporter, Butcher was destined for big things. As well as acting and singing, the actor who played Zoey’s younger brother in the show, now has a popular YouTube Channel. On it he covers pop songs and most noticeably for his cover of Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’, Butcher has over 500,000 views.

Erin Sanders (Quinn Pensky)

As you can tell by the pictures, the actress has changed significantly in terms of appearance. The character was not originally in the show’s script but was written in because of Dan Schneider, creator of the show, regarded Erin as a pretty good actress and specially designed the role for her.

Matthew Underwood (Logan Reese)

Whilst Underwood has not been seen much on screen since playing bad boy in Zoey 101, he was commended last year for his role in saving a young baby from a car crash. After witnessing the crash and hearing the baby’s cries, Underwood did not hesitate to run to the scene to rescue to a child from inside the car. What a hero!

Sean Flynn (Chase Matthews)

Curly haired Chase Matthews has grown up to be dishy Sean Flynn! Although the show was left on a cliffhanger as Chase chases after her wannabee partner Zoey, Sean confesses that he would like to imagine that Chase continues to peruse Zoey after all these years.

Victoria Justice (Lola Martinez)

The beautiful Victoria, who played Lola in the series, recently discussed the issue of rivalry between Nickelodeon and Disney channel characters. In a recent interview with E!, she said that ‘there is not really any feuds at all. There are different events to attend and there are different circles, so you don’t really come across each other.’

The American actress and singer, who was born in 1993, has since appeared in many films and television series. She started her career at age ten and is now 24 and still going strong!
We loved seeing what these Zoey 101 stars look like now! Do you feel old!?
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