18 Incredibly Weird Photos From Russian Social Media Sites.

We’ve all come across unusual photos on social media and wondered why anybody would think it was a good idea to post them. And that’s certainly the case when it comes to these photos here. Take a look at these 18 incredibly weird photos from Russian social media sites which will have you seriously raising your eyebrows.

1-A toilet bowl full of roses…


There are lots of things we need to question here. Starting with the posing next to the toilet bowl full of roses.

2-Just cutting the birthday cake.

Not your usual way to cut the cake then…

3-Not the most suitable place to pose on a photo shoot.

One things for sure, this photo shoot is trashy…

4-Caviar and grain alcohol…

That’s the breakfasts of all breakfasts.

5-A bath fully clothed…

We’re wondering how clean he was when he got out.

6-A late night snack…

Whatever happened to a good old takeaway?

7-Not your happiest M&Ms.

But at least the guy posing seems happy to be next to them.

8-That’s one way to kill a fish…

If the first option didn’t work of course.

9-If your ever running low on shot glasses…

Fair play to them for being creative.

10-Making sure she gets her 5 a day.

Surely there’s an easier way to eat that water melon.

11-Well erm… that’s a nice hard cut.

You’d think one of his mates would tell him.

12- A cuddy toy and a 10 inch knife.

Not your typical cuddly toy photo then.

13- A shoe cup…

Well, that’s one way to drink vodka.

14-Most of us like to relax in our bikinis by the pool…

But this girl is relaxing by the puddle.

15-A few added candles to make the setting more romantic…

Although I’m not sure the bathroom is the most suitable place.

16-Most people pour water on their body, but not this girl.

That’s one drink that will certainly attract the wasps.

17-Well that’s a nice suit…

Or is a tracksuit?

18-We all love our food…


So let’s try our best not to judge these guys.

Article credit: www.boredomtherapy.com

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