18 Hilarious Comebacks From Women To Creepy Guys

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It’s a well-known fact that in every room, in every place, whether you’re in a bar or in the local gym, there in the back of the room, lurking in the shadows, waiting to make his advancements, will stand a creepy guy. They are just everywhere.

For century upon century, women have tolerated the catcalling and creepy one liners in the streets. To deal with this harassment, many woman often use to ‘ignore and shrug it off’ method.

But recently, with the rise of online dating sites, creepy guys are able to manifest their creepy words in ways outside of wolf whistles. Through sending creepy messages, creepy guys think they can say anything to women online and are able to be as confident and cocky as need be.

But what these creepy guys didn’t anticipate, was the emergence of the strong, witty and care-free online woman. A species who will burn you with her words until you run home crying to your mum.

In celebration of this woman, we have put together the funniest comebacks from those females who have been the subject of a creepy guy online. These will either have you laughing out loud and actually feeling sorry for that guy.

Funny Women Comebacks


1. Ouch!

There’s nothing that burns a man more than insulting his manhood. This woman knows how to hit hard.

Funny Women Comebacks


2. £100, what an insult!

This is kind of mean, but we LOVE it!

Funny Women Comebacks


3. Tinder Burn

Jasper has no idea what was coming. It took him ages to come up with this titanic gaff. What a waste.

Funny Women Comebacks


4. Threesome?

We loved reading this as Logan is messed around by this witty woman. No threesome for him.

Funny Women Comebacks


5. Just. Plain. Odd.

It’s one thing asking for a intimate photo online, but it’s another wording it like this.

Funny Women Comebacks


6. The classic

We’ve all been there. You’ve turned a guy down so he’s called you fat. It’s nothing new Lorenzo. Who is even on Tinder at 7:13 AM anyway?

Funny Women Comebacks


7. Hairless cat?

This guy was pushing his luck! He got that pic he wanted anyway.

Funny Women Comebacks


8. Good start

It started off so romantically. Every girl wants a guy to compliment her smile…

Funny Women Comebacks


9. Eurgh!

We can only imagine what this guy went through. Actually kind of make us feel pity for him.

Funny Women Comebacks


10. You’re a trumpet?

Top dating tip: Ambiguity when flirting, never gets the girl!

Funny Women Comebacks


11. Straight to the point

How to scare off any creep: state them facts about vagina. They’ll run so fast they won’t look back.

Funny Women Comebacks


12. POW

This quick witted woman has put Jason in his place with a simple one liner.

Funny Women Comebacks


13. Step away

Nothing like mixing a bit of light selenography with flirting.

Funny Women Comebacks


14. Outsmarted!

This girl thinks outside the box.

Funny Women Comebacks


15. Short and simple!

What a waste of time hiding every chair would be, ey!

Funny Women Comebacks

16. Some people can give it…

…but they can’t take it! The dating world really is every man for himself.

Funny Women Comebacks

17. As you wish…

This guy was so desperate for sex, he was even satisfied with a picture of nothing.

Funny Women Comebacks


18. Female

Simple question. Simple answer.

Funny Women Comebacks


We love these comebacks from these sassy females! Keep them coming ladies!

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