16 Annoying Things That Can Completely Ruin A Good Day

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Have you ever been having such a good day you thought that nothing in the whole world could ruin it? Well, think again. We have found 16 of the most annoying fails which are enough to make a great day become a terrible one. After seeing these you are guaranteed to feel sorry for these unlucky people. No matter how minor these are, they are definitely enough to ruin your day!

1. Weak swing or super heavy child?

It is clear this teen was showing off. Hood up, trackies on. And we want to laugh at him. We really do. But we just feel the pain. The embarrassment. The shame.

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2. Sorry’s not good enough

What is even worse than ourselves ruining our own day, is when someone else does it for us.



3. When you finally start to clean

No matter how minor this seems, its still enough to ruin a day. Dropping things down the toilet is just the worst!


4. Surprise!

Most of us just love surprises! But there’s nothing much to love when it comes to a surprise death… Surprise!


5. No use crying over smashed glass

Not only is the pan shattered, but so it our hearts. This dish looked like it took a bloody long time to prepare. There’s nothing worse than having your day ruined by realising you spent all those hours slaving away… for nothing.


6. Bloody birds!

If you happen to be a tarmac layerer, this one will hit you hard. If you’re not a tarmac layerer, you’ll still be pretty peed off at this. Darn bird!


7. You’re really pushing me this time, world.

When the world just keeps pushing your buttons, one day, you’ll snap.


8. Just give me a cheque next time, Karen.

Nothing says ‘not only the world hates me, but everyone in it does too’ than receiving a shoddy gift like this.


9. When your laptop is a liar

Don’t worry about saving your work, you have 100% battery remaining! Technology is out to get us all. Watch your backs. Don’t lie to me laptop.


10. Say goodbye to your favourite pants!

Oh, this is the worst! Once you do this, there’s no going back. One minute they are here, the next minute they are gone.


11. Be wary of Starbucks!

It never fails to amaze us. How many times will the coffee spill before the coffee company replaces these absurd lips. We are really fuming now!


12. When someone corrects your grammar

If you’re not a professor in linguistics, we don’t want to hear your bull****. Back off, Martin.


13. Don’t insult me, Tesco.

There is nothing quite like a kick in the face like this. When a product is reduced in price. By 6 cents. What a generous discount. I’ll definitely buy it now.


14. Waste of time

We have a headache just looking at this picture.


15. When we are forced to compare ourselves

As if the world isn’t tough on us already. When we have to sit next to or work out next to someone like this.



Which imbecile suggested a speed bump. At a coffee drive through. Raging, every morning!


These things made us feel better about our days, but also a little angry now.


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